5 Ultimate Tips To Orgasm - Achieving The Big O

by Karly

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Types of female orgasms and tips to help you get closer to it!

July 31st is National Orgasm Day or Big O Day. But what is an orgasm?

Commonly called “coming” or “climaxing”, it is the intense and pleasurable release of erotic tension and sensation during sexual activity. While both women and men experience orgasm, only 64% women climax comparatively to 91% men.

The Female Orgasm

When an orgasm happens, the heart beats faster as the pulse quickens. Breathing becomes heavier and the blood pressure increases. In women, a flush may appear on her body. The pelvic muscles and genital will contract as she reaches climax.

Unlike men, women may experience a singular or multiple orgasms, or none at all. According to Sexual Advice Association, a small number of women ejaculate when they climax. This is perfectly normal!

After climax, most women feel relaxed due to the high level of endorphins released. A female orgasm generally last between 13-51 seconds—typically longer than a male average.

#1: Clitoral Orgasm

The most common type of orgasm. The clitoris is the female’s most sensitive erogenous zone. It has more than 8,000 sensory nerve endings! That's double the count of the male penis. The clitoris responds to both direct and indirect stimulation, becoming more sensitive and erect as the female becomes more aroused.

For women, don't be afraid to touch yourself and find out what works best for you. Actions like finger tapping, rolling and circling with different intensity can help you figure what you like, and in turn help you guide your partner in pleasuring you. How about trying a sex toy? A clitoral vibrator can also be a great tool to help you achieve greater satisfaction.

#2: Vaginal Orgasm

Also known as the G-spot climax, which is located on the front wall of the vagina. While many female orgasms are achieved through clitoral stimulation, you are more likely to experience a vaginal climax through sexual intercourse.

Studies have found that kegel exercises can help make it easier to climax. Of course, you can practice it on your own, but of there are many sex toys and kegel apps to help make your practice more fun!

#3: Blended Orgasm

Boost the climax and double the fun! You can achieved a blended orgasm through the stimulation of more than one erogenous area. It can be a combination of both clitoral and vaginal. Blended orgasms can last about 1-15 minutes, giving you that big "oohh" you've been dying for.

The cowgirl position is most ideal and would make it perfect for your partner to stimulate your clitoris with his hand while getting the right G-spot angle. But if you are going solo, our Esthesia SMART vibrator will offer you twofold pleasure.

#4: Multiple Orgasm

Experts claim that multiple orgasms really do exist and there is no limit to now many a woman can have. Explore different positions, techniques, toys, and maybe bring your fantasies into the bedroom! Perhaps pair your sex toy with an erotic audio story for an immersive sexual experience! After all, physical stimulation is isn't the only way to experience the female orgasm.

#5: Nipple Orgasm

Not many people are aware that the nipple has more than 800 nerve endings. It is one of the erogenous zones and in closest proximity to the heart. One study has shown that nipple stimulation activated the same regions of the brain as stimulation of the vagina and clitoris.

So go ahead! Playfully pinch, stroke, massage, pull, and squeeze both breasts and nipples. Experiment with varying intensity and soon you'll be on cloud nine!