How to Give Her an Arousing and Sensual Massage

by Karly

Give her sensual massage

Let her feel your affection and passion

How to give her a sensual massage? If you think the only way to turn your woman on is to kiss her a certain way, finger her for a few minutes, or suck on her clit, think again. Those things might work wonderfully, but that’s not the only way to turn her on and get her in the mood for amazing sex. If your partner is like most women, she works hard, worries all the time, and is always very tense. Give her the gift of an erotic moment with you designed to relax every muscle in her body.

An arousing and sensual massage is more than the few seconds spent rubbing her shoulders to let her know you want to have sex. Instead, it’s a full-body experience that can last up to an hour or longer if you both get into it. A good sensual massage requires a certain amount of preparation but once you get started, you’ll both be turned on and ready for more. If you’ve never given your partner a massage before, here’s how to do it.

Get the Room Ready

Before you touch her body, you need to reach the rest of her senses. This means you need to create the right ambiance in the room. As long as she’s not sensitive to fragrances, consider adding aromatic candles or burning incense so the room smells good. Dim the lights. You don’t want to be completely in the dark, but you want the lights low. The room should be cool but not cold. Too warm, and you’ll both get uncomfortable especially once you start producing extra body heat. The bed shouldn’t be too soft so pull off some of the extra blankets and pillows to create a firmer surface. You want to create a serene and appealing setting so that she can focus on what you’re doing and how you’re making her feel.

Set the Mood

Now that the room is ready with the right lighting and temperature, it’s time to think about the background. Play sensual music that’s low and slow. If she enjoys certain romantic songs or types of music, have those playing in the background. It’s important that you have an idea of what she likes and doesn’t like. You also want her to feel comfortable and relaxed before you begin. Maybe a glass of wine and a shower together helps her unwind. Does she love wearing comfortable pajamas or lingerie? Make sure she has what she needs to relax into the moment.

No Distractions Allowed

You hear it all the time - put down your phone and focus on the people around you. Now is a moment when it’s more important than ever. She deserves and should have your full focus, and you want her completely focused on you and the way you touch her and make her feel. Turn off your phone. You shouldn’t hear it ring, buzz, or ding. Messages can wait until later. Tell your friends you’re unavailable or not at home. If the doorbell rings, ignore it. Your time together, leading up to her sensual massage and during, should be completely undisturbed.

Use Massage Oil

Massage oil will help your hands move more easily across her skin and body and will feel good to both of you. Not just any oil will do, though. This isn’t the type to pull out the baby oil and hope for the best. Use high quality aromatherapy oils which are best for relaxation and easing tension. You want to look for essential oils like lavender, chamomile, lemon oil, vanilla oil, jasmine, sandalwood, or bergamot. Again, think about your partner. If you know she’s sensitive to fragrances or has a particular allergy, avoid the things that will bother her.

[caption id="attachment_8274" align="aligncenter" width="640"]How to Give Her an Arousing and Sensual Massage Massage Oil Use her favorite massage oil to massage her[/caption]

Giving Her a Sensual Massage

You don’t have to be a professional masseur to make her feel good all over. You just need to know a few basic techniques. You’re going to focus on three sections of her body, touching her everywhere and taking your time before moving to the next. By the time you’re done, she should feel like every inch of her skin and body has been caressed. Follow this path, and she will be over the moon in no time. Work on one side of her body, like her back, and when you’re done, help her roll over so you can repeat the process on the other side.

Upper Body

The upper body focuses primarily on her head and face. Massage her scalp and move down to her forehead. Gently rub the pressure point located in the middle of her forehead known as the third eye. Place your fingertips on her templates, at the side of her forehead, and move them in slow circles. If she creases her forehead a lot, spend time massaging out those creases to help her face relax completely.

Slowly and gently rub her ears, focusing on the tips of her ears and her earlobes. Move your hands over her face and jawline. You can also touch her lips which, if she’s starting to relax, may part in an extremely erotic way. Don’t be surprised if she’s already closed her eyes and started to moan a little.

Middle Body

The second section to focus on, after you’ve massaged her jawline and ears and helped her unclench her jaw - a sign of stress for many people, is the middle of her body. This area extends from her neck down her torso just before you get to her pelvis. There’s a lot of ground to cover here, and you’ll want to take your time.

Start at her neck, rubbing the back and the sides. You’ll likely feel a knot there if she’s prone to stress. Don’t press too hard but give this area some attention. Next, move down to her shoulders and back. Massage and rub across her shoulder blades and down her entire back, stopping at her bottom. On the front of her torso, massage and stroke her collarbone, breasts, and stomach, including her belly button. This is a good time to pay extra attention to her nipples if she finds this arousing and enjoyable.

Don’t forget her arms, too. Work your way down the entire length of both, and this includes her armpits. Pay special attention to the inside of her elbows where the skin is thinner and highly sensitive. The neck, inside of the elbows, and under arms have a higher concentration of lymph nodes and thinner skin which makes her body even more sensitive to touch. Rub her hands, including her palms, and each finger individually.

[caption id="attachment_8284" align="aligncenter" width="640"]How to Give Her an Arousing and Sensual Massage Middle Body Gently massage every part of her body[/caption]

Lower Body

While you might want to focus on her pussy and clit when you get to the lower body, there’s a lot more ground to cover, and it’s important that you don’t miss a single inch. Pay attention to her bottom, rubbing and kneading the large muscles there. Pull and spread her cheeks to create erotic sensations without directly touching her genitals.

Spend time on her inner thighs. You can tease her vulva and massage the labia or you can “ignore” them, knowing you’ll come back later. Depending on how relaxed she is, she may beg you for more. Don’t stop the massage just yet. Move down her legs to her knees and calves, focusing on the thin, sensitive skin behind her knees. As you move further down her lower body, it’s time to rub her feet. Focus on the balls of her feet and her toes which do a lot of work every day. Spend extra time on any harder knots where you can feel how tense her muscles are, but make sure to touch every inch of her body.

Take Your Time

This sensual massage isn’t the 30 seconds you spend rubbing her shoulders before sex. Give yourself at least 45 minutes to an hour to massage her entire body. This time together is meant to be slow, romantic, and relaxing. Many parts of her body are erogenous zones with lots of nerve endings, even spots we don’t normally think of as sexual - like behind the knees and inside the elbow. Use a light, gentle, but firm touch. Don’t be afraid to touch her, but don’t get too aggressive either. [caption id="attachment_8264" align="aligncenter" width="640"]How to Give Her an Arousing and Sensual Massage Kissing Slowly ending your sensual massage and moving into arousing foreplay[/caption]

Once you get to the bottoms of her feet, you might want to go back to spots that seemed to get the most reaction. Certain parts of the body almost never get touched so the reactions you get can be pretty big. Did she moan when you touched her inner thigh or when you ran your hands over her stomach or back? Go back and show those spots more love and attention. Or you may both decide to quickly move into passionate kissing, licking, and touching foreplay because you’re both so turned on. If it ends in steamy hot sex, great! And if not, enjoy the time spent connected by touch and giving her sensual, arousing pleasure. [CLICK TO TWEET] now if you like this or leave comment below.

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