Why Vibease Smart Vibrators?

Paired with our powerhouse Vibease App, Vibease app controlled vibrators are the missing link that you've been looking for.

Love audio erotica? Vibease app controlled vibrators vibrate in sync with your favorite audio erotica. Love sexting with your partner? They can remotely control your Vibease Bluetooth vibrator too.

What's more? Vibease vibrators are discreet vibrating panties, and can be comfortably worn in your undergarments. Play in bed or getting frisky outside, your hands are completely free to explore!

The App Controlled Vibrator That Is Truly Designed For Women

Vibease app controlled vibrators are intrinsically designed with female sexuality and wellness in mind, with the notion of empowering women and closing the pleasure gap with innovation.

This includes a wonderfully curated and comprehensive library of audio erotica waiting to usher you away into an exciting world of erotic fantasy.

Fantasies are natural and positive elements of a woman's sexuality. Multiple studies and research have shown that fantasies provide mental and emotional stimulations, and are major factors of women’s sexual pleasure and satisfaction. They have also found that women’s fantasies tend to be less graphic, more emotional, and intimate than men's.

Fifty Shades of Grey sold millions of copies all over the world because it stimulates the mind and emotions. Imagine listening to Fifty Shades of Grey with a hands-free vibrator that works in perfect sync with the audio erotica - the experience will have your toes curling!

Vibease’s vision is to bring fantasy to life through a multi-sensory experience, self-pleasure does not need to be solely imaginative anymore. It is truly a new and exciting experience filled with anticipation as you will get to enjoy every second of the journey all the way up until the exciting intense "conclusion".

Sleek In Design And 100% Body-Safe

Sleek and fully covered in the smoothest premium silicone, Vibease vibrators are designed for the ultimate clitoral stimulation. Statistics indicate that 80 percent of women require clitoral stimulation to attain orgasm.

Our vibrators are waterproof, hypoallergenic and 100% body-safe.

This means we ensure that all our vibrators are non-toxic, and do not contain chemicals or other substances that can cause harm to your body. Our vibrators are also high in quality and not prone to microbial buildup, making them a real ease to clean, sterilize and disinfect.

Self-exploration will produce more excitement and thrill if you know exactly what you are putting in your body. Vibease is fully committed to your health, sexual well-being and lots of non-toxic fun!

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Distance doesn't matter

It does not matter if you are having a dinner with your partner at a restaurant, working in the office, or having a business trip in another country. Connect and control your partner's Vibease long distance vibrator from anywhere around the world with your mobile phone. Vibease vibrating panties for long distance relationship will work like a charm!

Vibease aims to help long distance couples experience fun, intimate moments with each other despite the distance. With Vibease app, partners can share naughty moments and private messages, even when you are miles apart.

Enjoy Close Range Outdoor Fun

Feeling adventurous? Enjoy orgasms anytime, anywhere. Vibease vibrating panties is not only great for hands-free solo sessions but discreet forms of public play with your partner. Enjoy spontaneous and titillating moments, knowing your pleasure is no longer limited to the bedroom!

Create the perfect foreplay during a candlelight dinner, or at the movies. Lightweight and discreet, Vibease vibrating panties lets you indulge in all kinds of sizzling outdoor fun. Enjoy powerful quiet vibrations from the tiny remote control vibrator without anyone noticing.

Simply slip Vibease vibrating panties into your undergarment for a completely hands-free experience. With its perfectly contoured tip snugly in place while resting against your sweet spot, you no longer have to worry about numb fingers!

Endless Hours Of Erotic Fun With Vibease Remote Control Vibrators

Couples who play together, stay together. Long distance intimacy can be just as hot as physical intimacy. Vibease remote control vibrators not only provide one of the sexiest dynamics around, it also presents a wonderful opportunity to give and receive mind-blowing orgasms!

Set the mood with music, lingerie, and a Vibease vibrator. With Vibease vibrators and its app, you can customize your experience with the easy use of your mobile phone. Beautifully designed with the smoothest body-safe silicone, this ingenious vibrator will guarantee endless hours of erotic and engaging fun!

Give The Gift Of The Best Long Distance Vibrator

Vibease vibrating panties for long distance relationship is a great sex positive gift for your partner. Having a Vibease vibrator not allows you to explore your own sexuality, it allows you to explore your sexuality with your partner, something which both you can greatly benefit and be excited about!

Make it a gift that reminds both you and your partner to make time for each other, to explore yourself, and take control of your self-pleasure.

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Feel The Physical Touch Of Audio Erotica

Feel the touch of your erotic fantasy as Vibease app controlled vibrators vibrate in sync with the steamy audio erotica you are listening to. Enjoy a hands-free experience with our Vibease vibrating panties, or explore your G-spot with our Esthesia rabbit vibrator. Your pleasure should not be solely imaginative.

Unlike traditional vibrators, Vibease vibrators react in perfect sync with audio erotica via Internet or Bluetooth, allowing you to indulge in one of the many steamy audio erotica from Vibease Fantasy library to set yourself in the mood.

The unique audio erotica pairing works like this:

When the narrator of the audio erotica says, "I'm touching you softly", the Vibease vibrator vibrates softly. And when the narrator says, "I'm touching you hard", the vibrator vibrates hard.

These vibrations are highly personalized to each fantasy, and will vibrate at different intensities and various patterns at just the right moments, much like the perfect partner who knows how to touch you at the right moment, in the right way.

Vibease vibrating panties is best worn hands-free. With no need for user control, you are free to completely immerse into the fantasy and experience pleasure at a level never thought possible!

Make Audio Erotica Part Of Your Self-Pleasure Routine

Indulge in a solo session with Vibease vibrators - select your favorite audio erotica and be whisked away into a world of erotic fantasy! Our unique audio erotica pairing is a fantastic way to keep your sexual needs and desires satiated.

Not only does regular masturbation help you ease stress, boost energy levels and increase feelings of self-worth and self-confidence, exploring your body and learning how to give yourself sexual pleasure can also be fun and truly empowering!

The Benefits Of Audio Erotica

Vibease aims to help foster and improve couples’ sex lives through audio erotica and sexual fantasies.

We conducted a sex survey in 2019 which revealed fascinating insights on audio erotica and how listening to them can provide a multitude of benefits.

In our key findings:

• 90 percent of our respondents* admitted they fantasize during masturbation
• 81 percent felt that audio erotica enhance their masturbation experience
• 65 percent believe listening to erotic audio stories with their partner helps them better understand their partner’s sexual preference, turn-ons and fantasies. * Based on 1000 respondents

We believe that sexual fantasies are a natural part of being human and an essential part of our sexual repertoire. Many think that they are a sign of sexual deprivation or dissatisfaction, but the complete opposite is true and we know today that sexual fantasies are associated with a healthy and happy sex life.

By adding this whole new dimension to your autoerotic sex life, Vibease vibrators will enable you to indulge in the dual benefit of being able to specifically guide the stimulation to your most erogenous areas, while simultaneously allowing a certain degree of surprise.

Come feel the physical touch of audio erotica - create and experience a whole different level of arousal and feeling of ecstasy!

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"Interactive audio books with benefits"

"The Bluetooth vibrator has the size and shape to fit in your underwear"

"Erotic fiction is about to get a whole lot more erotic"

"Erotic literature makeover in the form of the Vibease vibrator"

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