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A Big Cuddly Sugar Daddy

by BoyFromEngland


Hi my Darling how are you? I've been thinking about you, been thinking about hugging you and giving you a good cuddle. I found it quite hard to get to sleep last night, I wanted to cuddle you and make love to you. Think of me as a warm cloak that caresses your entire body when we hug and kiss. I want to keep you warm and I want to cherish you. When you can't get to sleep just think of me wrapped around you calming you, making you know everything is going to be ok. When we go for our walks at night and we see the busy sights of London Town I like how you hold on to me, how you hold on to my big arms and bury yourself in my chest. You know that I want to wrap my arms around you keep you nice and warm and safe. The same arms that are beside your head during our love making, that you stroke up and down, the hands that cup your face when we kiss, my knee as it parts your legs so my sex can enter you. Our love making's so precious. I devour your entire body my sweet good girl..

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