#10TypesOf_O: Type 2 - U-Spot cover image

#10TypesOf_O: Type 2 - U-Spot

by eSensualbooks.co.uk: Essemoh Teepee


Here we are together again, about to discover just what the U-Spot is, where it can be found and how to use it to make you tingle all over... Find somewhere nice and comfortable away from it all so you can lie back and think of...well, whatever turns you on. This second experience is one to savour before we move on next week to something a little more familiar. In the meantime find Your Spot to enjoy Your U-Spot.

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eSensualbooks.co.uk: Essemoh Teepee


After creating a technique in 2008 called Directed Erotic Visualisation©, and finding that both women and men were having hands free orgasms just listening to my words, I continued to develop the process to create even more pleasure. 11 million orgasms later... Find out more at www.smotp.com

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