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Use your hole

by voiceofrockstar

I need to be satisfied and I want to use you...

The Coffee Shop

by Stranger with a Mic

We return to the place where we had our first date, a nice little coffee shop. The nostalgia gets to us and we decide to have a little fun. The script was written by /u/midnightlemons on Reddit.

Passionate fun on the First Date

by GigoloGreg

Met my girlfriend on the first date and I knew she is the one. We had a wonderful time together! Check it out!

Cum for Me

by Panthera_Amur

(Female Voice) Hello my beautiful girl - is it playtime? Of course it is. Find some space, lie back, switch on and let me take you and your toy to a toe curling orgasm.

erotic f4f female voice lesbian

Is This What You Wanted Master

by Kiara

Coming home finding your submissive on the bed lightly pleasuring herself, are you going to watch the show or join in? She is even calling you by your favorite name Master

Karen Dreams of Submission

by Zen Mackie

Frustrated by her vanilla boyfriend, she fantasizes about being controlled and used.

bdsm male voice rough spank


by voiceofrockstar

Took a request to just simply masturbate and moan.

A Loving Sister

by GigoloGreg

My sister was married to a brutal man. Friends and family encouraged her to leave him, but she stayed for the sake of the children. When they were grown up, she left him. When she arrived in distress at my home, I found out how much she loved me.

incest male voice taboo

At the Top of the Stairs

by Zen Mackie

Chelsea is late one time too often - and receives a surprising anniversary present.

Geek Girl Cleans up

by Zen Mackie

A shoplifter pays for her crime - and really enjoys it.

male voice strangers