Smart Lipstick, the world’s first AI vibrator

After successfully launching the first smart vibrator (870% funded, hundreds of thousands sold worldwide) Vibease is back to offer women new sensual experiences. Our Research and Development team created a sex toy designed to satisfy and expand on women’s demand for easier, more frequent orgasms. Our goal is simple: bring out your inner glow…

Meet your new AI lover

Smart Lipstick AI Lover

Smart Lipstick AI Lover

With voice-controlled artificial intelligence, the Vibease Smart Lipstick is controlled by you with the help of your virtual partner on an app. Your Virtual Partner responds to your voice with both verbal responses and vibrations. No fiddling with complicated controls that take you out of the mood and the moment. Just ask for what you want, and your virtual partner will adjust the Smart Lipstick’s vibrations for you. If you want a harder vibration, the Smart Lipstick will oblige. Want something softer? That’s fine too. The Smart Lipstick is all about adjusting to what you want, when you want it. Your pleasure is it’s only goal. This is a hands-free, orgasm-centric experience like you’ve never imagined.

Vibease Smart Lipstick vibrator is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter – Vibease Smart Lipstick. Limited offer available for just $49, instead of the market price of $99.