12 Useful Things To Know When You Buy A Sex Toy

by Karly

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Wanna buy a sex toy but don't know how? 

Are you still dilly-dally on how and when to buy a sex toy? Hard to decide? No doubt, shopping for an adult toy requires more than finding the cheapest toy in your favorite color. When you take some time to look around and think about what you really want, you’re more likely to find a toy that makes you feel good.

Here are 12 things you need to know when you buy a sex toy so you have the best experience possible.

***** Browse in a Store *****

If you’re not sure about what you want or like in a sex toy, nothing beats going to a physical store and looking around. This is your time to browse through all of your options - and you have plenty. Look at all the different types, shapes and looks of toys from dildos to vibrators. Find the colors you like. Check out the prices to get an idea of what you might want to spend and what sex toys can cost. Think about what you want your sex toy to do - clitoral stimulation, internal stimulation, app-controlled. While you’re in the store, you can buy your toy there. If you want to take your time, shop online later. Ensure you find the genuine and safe online stores. If you do, expect discreet packaging and fast delivery.

***** Think About the Features You Want *****

When shopping for an intimate pleasure item you have to ask yourself two questions: What do you want your sex toy to do and how do you want it to feel? With sex toys, bigger is not necessarily better. A lot of factors are important to the decision making process. Think about whether you want a basic, low price toy or if you’re willing to pay more for extra features. Do you want a sex toy that has just one or two built-in features or a smart toy with internet connection? Smart toys with remote controls can be used in a variety of situations like masturbation, long distance relationships, and even kinky public play! At Vibease, we offer another unique feature - vibration synchronization with erotic audiobook, where it changes the intensity as the story progresses, letting you bring your sexual fantasy to life!

[caption id="attachment_7454" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Buy_a_sex_toy_erotic_audiobook Vibease and erotic audiobook synchronization[/caption]

***** Know How to Take Care of Your Toys *****

Before you buy a new sex toy, find out how to properly take care of it. Lubricant can be used with any sex toy, but the type you use is important. Silicone sex toys require water based lubricant. Using silicone based lube could damage your toy. Make sure you know how to clean your sex toy, too. Any toy with a battery or plug should be hand washed. Usually soap and water is all you need but some sex toys do well with a sex toy cleaner. Clean your toy before you use it for the first time and when you’re done. Depending on how you store your sex toy, you might want to clean it before every use.

***** Choose Body Safe Materials *****

Not all sex toys are made of the same materials. As you look at all of your options, make sure you choose safe materials like silicone. Beware of porous toys made of PVC or TPR and TPE. These “jelly” toys are easily damaged when they’re not used or cared for properly. They can breakdown over time and are difficult to get completely clean. Nonporous materials like silicone are medically safe for your body because bacteria can’t penetrate the surface and grow. They’re also easy to clean and take care of as long as you use the right lube and cleaning materials.

***** Look for Waterproof Toys *****

One feature to look for in any sex toy is whether it’s waterproof or not. Find out if it’s a toy you can immerse in water or one that is simply safe being splashed or getting wet. Waterproof toys give you more flexibility. You’re able to play anywhere with anyone. Take it to the shower or tub for solo sex or have fun with a partner in the water. Even if you’re not sure you want to use a sex toy in the bathtub, you’ll give yourself more options and ways to play with a waterproof toy.

[caption id="attachment_7464" align="aligncenter" width="310"]Buy_a_sex_toy_waterproof Waterproof vibrator[/caption]

***** Choose Rechargeable Toys *****

Batteries may be the most common way to power a sex toy, but they’re not the only option. In fact, batteries can be expensive and bad for the environment. Ask anyone who’s ever been ready for a few good orgasms but had no batteries knows how annoying they can be. Look for a sex toy that’s rechargeable, ideally with a USB connection. You won’t have to buy or throw away batteries, and you’ll be able to charge up your vibrator nearly everywhere. You can charge your sex toy on a computer USB connection, but it will be very slow. Stick with plugs in an outlet for the fastest charging time.

***** Shop with a Partner *****

A lot of people think sex toys are for lonely, single people who wish they had a partner. Not so! Plenty of couples use toys together. Start the fun by selecting a new toy with your partner. This experience gives you a chance to talk about what you like or don’t like. You can explore your sexual fantasies together. You’ll also have some sexy fun to look forward to later. Exploring your pleasure and playing together enhances intimacy and brings you closer together. Even better, it can make sex even better than before.

[caption id="attachment_7484" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Buy_a_sex_toy_shop_with_partner Happily shopping with partner[/caption]

***** Try New Things *****

You might have an absolute favorite vibrator or dildo, or maybe you have a sex toy “type.” It’s okay to have a favorite way to play, but allow yourself the freedom to explore, too. Every sex toy is an opportunity for a new sensation and a new type of pleasure to experience - alone or with a partner. Be open-minded to explore different ways to get yourself off. Maybe you try a new type of toy. Maybe it’s a different shape than you’ve used before. Or maybe you allow yourself to try your kinky fantasy. Exploring your desires with new toys and methods can lead you to pleasure and satisfaction you didn’t know were possible.

***** Be Realistic *****

When you’re shopping for a sex toy, it’s important to set the right expectations for yourself. It’s important to understand that not every sex toy works the same way for everyone. Our bodies are different, and so are our desires. You may have to try a few different types of toys or brands before you find something that works well for you. Some sex toys are designed to tease and get you turned on. Others are meant to bring you to orgasm in big and small ways. Be prepared to try multiple toys and even multiple settings and positions with one toy before you find what works best for you.

***** Store Your Toys Properly *****

The best way to protect your sex toy and help it last as long as possible is to store it properly. Many high-quality toys include a cloth bag for you to use. Don’t throw it away, and don’t just shove your sex toy in a drawer and forget about it. That bag serves an important purpose. Your sex toy should be placed in the bag when you’re not using it so that you don’t get lint, pet hair, dirt, or anything else on your toy. Hair can stick to silicone making it difficult to clean off. And if you don’t put your toy away correctly, children might pick it up, play with it, or ask awkward questions you’re not ready to answer.

***** Try All the Settings *****

Once you buy a toy, use it to it’s fullest capacity. There’s nothing wrong with using it when you can’t sleep or had a rough day and need an orgasm to make you feel better. But your sex toy can do so much more than that. Try all the settings to find what you like most. Use it with a partner for mutual masturbation or during sex. Play with the different patterns. Tease yourself with it. If your toy has a mobile app with more features, try those out too. Each option is meant to make you feel something new and different. It’s okay to have a favorite setting but don’t forget to play with your sex toy, too.

[caption id="attachment_7494" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Buy_a_sex_toy_try_settings Try different patterns, vibrations and the app[/caption]

***** Enhance Your Sex Life *****

Let’s bust a common myth. Using a sex toy doesn’t mean you have lousy sex life. In fact, adding a sex toy to your relationship makes your sex life better. Use it for added stimulation or to masturbate in a new way. Let your partner use it on you for a different experience. For small, discreet toys, use it in public for a sexy, kinky experience. Having a sex toy gives you more options for pleasure - alone or with a partner. It doesn’t replace anything or ruin your sex life. A sex toy makes everything better and lets you have a little extra fun.

Sex toys are fun and meant to be played with, which is why they’re called “toys.” Mix things up by bringing in different toys. Take the time to find a high quality, body safe sex toy that lets you play in multiple ways. When you do, you’ll have more fun alone or with a partner and experience more pleasure. HAPPY TOY SHOPPING!

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