20 Steaming Hot Ideas to Add to Your Sex Bucket List

by Karly

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Tackle this sex bucket list one step at a time!

Sex is meant to be fun, and with the right person (or people), it can also be extremely adventurous. If you’re looking for a way to spice things up and make your sexual experience more exciting and amazing, it may be time to create your own hot sex bucket list.


Ideally you want easy to use food. Think fruits, creams, sauce. The idea is to turn one or both of you into something lickable and tasty. Well, tastier than you already are. A word of caution if you have a vagina -- avoid adding sweet sauces or other foods to that part of your body. It can mess up the pH balance and lead to yeast infections. But on your breasts and other lickabke parts, have fun! You’ll get dirty with the food and then clean again with the help of your partner’s tongue.


First things first, before you hit record, make sure you both trust each other to keep your sex tape private. If you have any doubts, don’t do it. Revenge porn is a thing and it can ruin lives. But if you’re in a close, trusting relationship, making a sex tape is a great way to have fun together. You create an exciting memory to back and watch again and again, especially if watching each other is a turn-on for you. Make a memory together, record it for later viewing fun, or just to say you did it!


What makes this exciting for most people is the possibility of getting caught. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be careful. Public sex can happen anywhere and in any way. You don’t always need penetration. Bring a sex toy. Slip your hand under your partner’s skirt or in their pants. Slip away to the bathroom together. If that’s more than you can handle, look for a private place like a wooded area or a beach. The thrill can be just in fucking each other outside and not about possibly getting caught.

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The point of a sex marathon is to keep having sex until you just can’t anymore. Get busy, then rest. Take a shower and grab a snack. Then repeat as often as you can. Not all sex has to be penetrative so feel free to experiment with different ways to make each other feel good. You can switch up positions, add sex toys, or masturbate for your partner or side by side. It all counts as sex.


As always, safety is paramount here. You can do a one-night stand with someone you know who’s willing to check off your bucket list with you. You can also pick up a complete stranger. Make sure you use protection and have sex with someone you feel safe with. If a stranger gives off freaky vibes, move on. The point is to have a single night of great sex with no expectations or strings attached. Be picky or don’t, but always be safe. Make sure someone knows where you are and will check in with you if they don’t hear from you.


Get off on the idea of watching other people get off together? Being a voyeur while someone else has sex is hot for a lot of people. You can enjoy the scene and let yourself be turned on. Even better, you can learn something new about pleasure and sex. It’s an intensely personal thing to watch someone else. If it makes you want to masturbate and get yourself off, no shame. Just make sure you have the full consent of the people you’re watching or, if it’s a public display of sexy fun, that you’re discreet.


You can be both a voyeur and an exhibitionist, so no shame there. But if being watched while you have sex sounds exciting, this is definitely something to try. You can invite someone over to watch or you can have sex in public in so that others might see you. You can even go to sex or BDSM clubs where certain activities are allowed. Not all clubs allow penetration but you might be able to do other fun or kinky things with an audience.


You can take role play as far as you’d like. If you just want to pretend to be someone else in the bedroom, go for it. But if you want to go full-on character in a sexy costume, you can do that, too. Portray your favorite character or try to be someone completely new. Got a schoolgirl fantasy about a sexy teacher? Try it out! Want to be the mysterious stranger who gets picked up in a bar? Go for it! You can be anyone you want to be in your role play and so can your partner.

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Anal play isn’t for everyone, but many people think it’s not for them because it’s hurt in the past or was uncomfortable. If you’re new to it or willing to try again, there are plenty of ways to experience anal in a way that feels really damn good. Start small - a small plug or a finger - and use lots of lube, more than you think you need. Stimulate your body while your partner plays with your butt. This will help you relax and let the penetration happen. Once you graduate up to large dildos, plugs, or penetration with your partner’s penis, try different positions. Not all anal has to be done in doggy style. Go as slow as you need to do and only do what feels good.


Thanks to 50 Shades of Grey (the movies and books) more and more people are curious about kink and BDSM. No matter how fun it looks, you don’t want to go too hard, too fast. Start with basic things that feel good or you’re curious about -- light spanking, basic bondage with restraints, maybe even a blindfold. Once you find what you like, it’s easier to expand and try more kink with more fun toys. Talk to your partner about what you like and what doesn’t feel good so you both have a good kinky experience together.


Are you traveling to a different country or is travelling on your not-so-sexy bucket list? When you get there, see if you find someone who turns you on and is willing to have a vacation fuck. You both get a great experience together, and you get to say that you had sex in a new place, unlike anywhere you’ve ever been before. This could be on vacation, which makes the sex even more laid back, or while you’re on a business trip which makes it a bit “naughtier” which is fun, too. If you don’t have a chance to travel, that’s okay. If you’re attracted to someone who speaks a different language, and you’re both into it, you can both have an exotic experience without leaving home.


Sex toys, when they make you feel good, are always fun. But smart sex toys let you do new things thanks to technology advancements. You can use remote control vibrators -- on yourself or a partner. It takes the control away from one of you and lets you play and tease in a new way. You can even bring your sexy fun out into public in a very discreet way. Do check out our vibrators that do just that plus many more creative functions! You don’t have to be partnered with anyone to enjoy smart sex toys, either. They’re great for solo sex. The whole point is to use the available tech to feel good and get off.

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Not everyone is a swinger and that’s okay, but the experience can certainly open your eyes to new forms of pleasure. You can join in or not, that’s up to you. What you must always do is respect the rules of the club you attend. If you want to be able to go back later or join in on the fun, you’ve got to be respectful and understand consent. Simply watching, even if you don’t fuck anyone, can be quite an eye opener.


Unlike trying technologically advanced sex toys, this lets you use other forms of tech to have sex. You can use it in a long distance relationship -- which always requires a lot of creativity. Or you can try it with a partner who lives in the same area or while they’re away on a trip. Spend time building it up between you: what you’ll do and what you want to see. Pick your tech option like Skype or even your smartphone. Talk dirty or masturbate. Watch each other or get lost in the moment. When you see each other again, you’ll have that moment to build on.


Much like a swinger’s club, you don’t have to join in unless you want to. What matters most is that you respect everyone’s boundaries and the rules of the party. Blunder in and start acting like everyone’s there to serve your needs, and you won’t be invited back. Sex parties are a great way to learn new techniques, watch and get turned on, or even find a new partner for the night. Keep an open mind, and you never know what you’ll discover about yourself.

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For this to work, you have to be into the idea of same-sex sex and you need to be into the person you try it with. No one wants to be used as an “experiment.” But if there’s a mutual attraction and a willing partner, go for it. Having sex with someone who feels like you and knows how your body works can be an eye-opening and, potentially, more orgasmic experience. You might even discover a new side to your sexuality.


Traveling somewhere for business or pleasure? Make the open skies a fun place and let yourself forget the boredom of sitting for hours on the plane. Get your partner to join you under the blanket or in the bathroom. Or flirt with a sexy stranger and see where it takes you. The mile-high club is less about some kind of long, dramatic sexy moment and more about the down and dirty fun you can have...in public.

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You can be the third in someone else’s partnership or you can invite a third into your relationship. It’s even possible to bring three mutual friends together for an amazing time. What matters most is that you communicate and respect boundaries. Make sure everyone gets plenty of attention, and learn from your other partners -- either by watching them or being touched by them in new ways. Even if you never do it again, it’ll be an eye-opening moment.


The more mirrors you can find, the better on this one. Book that fancy hotel room or position yourself in front of a mirror in your home. Either way, once you get naked and busy, you’re going to see so much that you never imagined. Watch your facial expressions and enjoy how your bodies glide together. Yes, it might feel awkward at first, but if you let yourself enjoy the feelings and the sights, you’ll forget any weirdness. Seeing pleasure on your partner’s face is often enough to want to be in front of a mirror more often.


Photographers offer a variety of sexy photo shoots. Some will do complete nudes, if that’s what you (and your partner) want, and others will do “boudoir” shots where you’re dressed at least a little. Go with what makes you (or both) most comfortable. You can do this for a partner as a surprise or just because you want sexy photos of yourself. Maybe some couple shots too? Strike a sexy pose, tease the camera with a bit of clothing and seduction, or go full-on porn star like you’ve always wanted. The point is to have the experience, and later, the images.

Add all of these things to your sexy bucket list or just the ones that appeal to you. Think of all the kinky, wild, sexy things you’ve always wanted to try and never have. Include them on your list, and when the opportunity presents itself, start checking them off! Once you think they are mostly done, it's time to make a new one! Like these sexy ideas and want to share with friends? [CLICK TO TWEET] now or leave any comment below.