16 Effective Foreplay To Arouse Him

16 Effective Foreplay To Arouse Him

Pep up your foreplay to arouse and drive him wild quickly!

How to charge up your sexual foreplay to arouse and turn him on instantly? Is it really easy said than done? Getting intimate with your partner is more than taking off all your clothes and bumping and grinding until one or both of you orgasms. So many small things can enhance sex between you. Little touches, the way he holds your hand, and the small kiss you plant on his neck – all of these things can turn up the heat between you.

But it’s also easy to get into a boring routine with each other. You do the same things over and over again in bed – the same touches, the same moves. The sex is okay but not hot, and it might even be boring. The best way to heat up your sex life is to focus on the foreplay. When you connect with your partner before sex, it makes the entire moment better and more satisfying for you both.

Try any one of these 16 ways to spice up foreplay between you and your partner.

1. Shop for Lingerie Together


Lingerie Shopping Together

Wearing lingerie for your partner is already pretty hot. But you can take that a step further, and shop for lingerie together. Tell him to imagine you wearing this or that as you hold up some lacy, sheer thing in front of your body. Ask him what color or style he likes. Tease him as you walk around the store. You won’t take the mystery out of what lingerie you’re going to wear. He’ll be more than ready to get you home and see it on.

2. Sext Each Other

Sending a sexy or kinky text message during the day reminds your partner that you’re thinking of them. It also lets you tell them exactly what you want to do to to him and what you want him to do to you later. Text out a kinky fantasy. Give him your best dirty talk – the things you wouldn’t usually say out loud. Flirt with each other in words and in images. Sending a photo of a quick peek under your skirt or in your pants will definitely give you partner ideas.

3. Look for Small, Intimate Moments

Small moments through the day can bring you together and get you ready for a sexy fun time later. Run your toes up your partner’s leg while sitting together at a table. Play with his hair. Cuddle and kiss as often as you can. Say nice things to your partner whether it’s sexy or sweet. Dance in the kitchen or living room to “your” song. Get dressed up for dinner, and wear your sexiest clothes. Small touches like this show that you’re putting in an effort for your partner’s benefit and pleasure.

4. Take Charge

Woman Takes Charge

Woman Takes Charge

Want to turn your partner on and heat things up? Take control of the situation when you know you want sex. Grab your partner by the hand, and lead him to the bedroom. Tease him as you undress. Lay him down and show your partner exactly what you want from him. Once he’s got the picture, stay in control or let him take over whichever you prefer, as long as you both have a good time.

5. Touch Each Other Often

When you have a moment to breathe in your otherwise hectic day, touch your partner. Get close and cuddle with him. One of the sexiest things you can do is make eye contact, especially when you’re touching in an intimate way. Kiss your partner, not just on the obvious spots but in areas you know are sensitive like his neck. Once the temperature goes up, follow your lips with your tongue.

6. Shower Together

Nothing says, “I want you” like being naked together. That doesn’t have to begin in the bedroom, though. Taking a shower together gives you a good excuse to take off your clothes and touch each other. Offer to wash his back and his front. Run your hands over his body. Soap him up, and make sure every part gets squeaky clean.

7. Massage Each Other

For some people, a massage is the 30 second shoulder squeeze that constitutes foreplay. That’s not very sexy or arousing. Instead of a quick rub followed by immediate sex, a sensual massage is the main event. Use a little massage oil. Allow your hands to rub and touch every muscle and every spot. Caress your partner’s erogenous zones. Unlike a professional massage, this one can definitely have a happy ending.

8. Whisper Naughty Things

Couple Whispering

Couple Whispering


What do you want to do to your partner? What do you want him to do to you? Whisper those naughty thoughts in their ears. Even better, do it in public. Every once in awhile, give him a secret smile to let him know you’re thinking about those things you whispered in his ear. He’ll spend the rest of the time imagining what you’ll do when you’re alone.

9. Arouse All the Senses

Turning each other on isn’t just about what you can see. You have so many other senses that can be aroused. Blindfold your partner and surprise him with soft or rough touches. Tease each other with vibrators. You might not climax from the teasing, but your senses will definitely be aroused.

10. Give Him a Show

Sexual Teaser

Sexual Teaser

The show you give your partner can be anything. Role play dressing may just unleash his fantasies too. Pretend to be a stripper in your bedroom. Record video of you masturbating and show it to him. Touch yourself in front of him. Turn on some music and show off your sexiest moves. Your partner will become aroused by watching you. They may end the show early to the benefit of you both.

11. Masturbate Together

Mutual masturbation can be how you have sex or it can be the starting act in a long night of sensual passion. If you’ve never done it before, it can feel awkward at first but that feeling goes away quickly. Pull out a sex toy to use together or just your hands. Take turns and watch or masturbate at the same time. Masturbating together allows you to see what the other likes and experience pleasure together in a new way.

12. Hand Over the Remote Control

You know how you enjoy your vibrator. You’re a pro at finding the right setting and the right spot. Try something new and hand over the controls to your partner. Let him tease your clitoris or G-spot to drive you crazy. He might turn it up and help you have as many orgasms as you can. The point is to let him control the moment and give you pleasure in a new way. Either way, you’ll both be ready for more once he’s done.

13. Plan a Sexy Game Night

Sexy Game Play

Sexy Games Play

Game night doesn’t have to be popcorn and Scrabble. Instead, turn it into a sexy date night. Play a game of Sexy Simon Says. You have to do whatever “Sexy Simon” tells you – and he might tell you to do all kinds of sexy things. Play strip poker to get naked in another way. Play a kinky or sexy version of Truth or Dare where you admit your kinkiest fantasies and do fun, sexy things to each other.

14. Work It, Girl!

When you walk in front of your partner, sway those hips. Strut your stuff. Give him a cheeky look and a quick wink. Put on your sexiest outfit for him and go out together. Whatever your definition of a sexy walk is, do it for him whenever you can. He won’t be able to keep his eyes off of you. Even better, eventually, he won’t be able to keep his hands off of you either.

15. Surprise!

Surprising your partner can be anything from greeting him at the door completely naked to ordering his favorite pizza. Whatever your partner loves but doesn’t get enough of makes for a great surprise. Surprise him with morning sex when he knows you prefer to sleep in. Give him oral sex at a random (but appropriate) time. Making an effort can bring you both closer together and lead to great sex.

16. Turn Sex Into Dessert

Foreplay with strawberry and whipped cream

Dessert Foreplay


Chocolate syrup and whipped cream in the bedroom might be cliche, but they can also be fun. You’ll need to keep food away from your vulva to avoid yeast infections and other problems later. But that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate each other with yummy things that can only be cleaned up with your tongue. When you’re done, shower together to keep the sexy fun going in a new direction.

When you or your partner make a little extra effort to turn each other on, it brings extra heat and spice to your most sexual moments. You don’t have to make elaborate plans. A few small things can make foreplay more exciting for you both. Try something new every day to see what works and doesn’t. Combine a few of these tips together to add extra heat. Come up with your own ideas based on your partner’s preferences. No matter what you do, the point is to have more fun, hotter foreplay, and better sex with your partner.

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