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ORGASM is probably the desired peak of everyone’s sexual excitement!?

National Orgasm Day or Big O Day – that is today, July 31st! An orgasm is commonly called “coming” or “climaxing”. Orgasm is the intense and pleasurable release of erotic tension and sensation during sexual activity. Both women and men experience orgasm. Ironically, only 64% women climax comparatively to 91% men. This is based on article from Deccan Chronicle. Now you know that women seem to be more demanding and more difficult to please after all.

And do you know which country has the best sex ever? Apparently, Norway is the winner for being the top country that has highest numbers of orgasms, where 35% of them have orgasms every day; based on the article from The Sun.  Britain is merely 11% but still has higher orgasms than the global average which climax 2 to 3 times weekly.

How to tell if you have an orgasm?

Generally, when orgasm happens in all genders, the speed of things is accelerated. Your heart beats faster, pulse quickens, breathe more and heavier, and blood pleasure increases.

In women, her feet, genital and pelvic muscles may contract and a rash/flush may appear on her body. A small number of women ejaculate when they orgasm, where a clear fluid spurts from the glands close to the urethra (tube trough which you pass water). These were the observation recorded by Sexual Advice Association. She feels relaxed after the orgasm, all thanks to the high level of endorphins released. It is possible for woman to experience zero (may not happen at all), one (bravo); or multiple orgasms (excellent) shortly after the first if her sensitive parts continue to be stimulated. Female orgasm typically lasts longer than the male average at around 13 – 51 seconds.

In men, when he is stimulated physically or psychologically, they can get an erection which accelerate the blood flow to all critical organs, which cause testicles and penis to grow in size and rigidity. Constant contraction in pelvic floor muscle causes semen (a mixture of 5% sperm and 95% fluid) to ejaculate. Average male orgasm lasts for between 10 – 30 seconds. After ejaculation, unlike women, another orgasm is hardly possible as it goes into temporary recovery phase where all sexual parts return to original size. This can last from a few minutes to a few days.

What are the popular 5 orgasms?

1. Clitoral orgasm

Almost all women may experience this. The clitoris is the female’s most sensitive erogenous zone and generally the primary anatomical source of female sexual pleasure. It have more than 8,000 sensory nerve endings which double the count from penis. One could apply direct or indirect stimulation to it, the more you become aroused, the more sensitive and erect it becomes. You could play solo, masturbate, sex toy playing to find out what works best for you. Actions like finger tapping, rolling, circling with different touches and intensity would help. Clitoral vibrator comes in handy too to help in stimulating the clitoral area. Vibease – the World’s 1st wearable vibrator from Vibease.com does wonder in achieving this mission. “Sex is part of basic human needs. We love sex so much because of orgasms. But more than half of women don’t have orgasms; single women need orgasms, too. We create an immersive experience for women. Vibease vibrates according to your fantasies.” Vibease.com founder Dema Tio said at the HAXLR8R demo day.

Clitoral Orgasm
Clitoral Orgasm

2. Vaginal orgasm

Alternatively known as G-spot. It falls into the deep vaginal erogenous zones (DVZs). Researchers say the G-spot may be located on the front wall of the vagina, it is mysterious and controversial. According to journal NeuroQuantology, sexual intercourse is more likely to cause vaginal orgasm than clitoral stimulation and is more longer-lasting.

Study found that Kegel exercise that requires squeezing and releasing—tensing and relaxing your vaginal muscles, could help in achieving this orgasm. You could do it solo but of course sex toys (example G-spot vibrator) or penis would add much fun to it.

3. Blended orgasm

This is through stimulation of more than one sensitive areas simultaneously, ultimately causing both clitoral and vaginal orgasm at the same time. Boost the climax and double the fun! Why limit to one when you can have more? Study found that these twin orgasms which last about 1 to 15 minutes, may be able to give you that big oooh that you are dying for. Right. Generally, woman on top position is recommended as you or he could stimulate the clitoris with hand and same time focus on getting the right G-spot angle. Of course, if you need little helping hand to try getting this, Esthesia, a powerful dual-action rabbit vibrator from Vibease.com offers you that twofold pleasure. 

Woman On Top position
Woman On Top position


4. Multiple orgasm

God crafted men and women differently. That’s exactly why we have different sexual desire, pleasure, need, fantasy, orgasms too. Women have close to zero downtime, and could enjoy series of orgasms one right after another like AK-47 gun shooting, as long as the much desired stimulation continues. If having an orgasm is already quite a challenge to you, let alone this multiple orgasms. No worry, just have to continue experimenting different methods, positions, techniques, toys, stimulants, and even bring in fantasies (mental stimulation). Vibrators from Vibease.com is the only brand that bring erotic audio fantasy to life giving you extreme immersive sex experience! Try that today. Whilst your endorphins level runs high after an orgasm, you could then try other positions to further enhance it and experience more. You will certainly be on cloud nine!

5. Nipple orgasm

Nipple has more than 800 nerve endings. It is one of the erogenous zones and in closest proximity to the heart. When it is stimulated, it releases oxytocin and leads to sexual arousal. And when that happen, they generally become stiff, erect and protrude. With varying intensity, you could pinch, touch, massage, pull, and squeeze both breasts and nipples. Based on Wikipedia, one study indicated that sensation from the nipples travel to the same part (genital area) of the brain as those from the vagina, clitoris and cervix. Always experiment it with yourself first, practice a few times and figure out what actually works. Once aroused, can proceed to suck the erect nipple to boost stimulation which may trigger uterine contractions and bring out the sensation.

Nipple Massage and Orgasm
Nipple Massage and Orgasm


It is an amazing experience to be able to climax from various sensitive parts of our body. And we are embracing lifelong learning in this new century. If you don’t win your Big O tonight, keep trying and don’t give up. Audio, emotion, fantasy and clitoral stimulation are some of the elements that could lead to female orgasm, said Dema. Try to sex up one of these elements as well besides those mentioned earlier. Wish you greater luck next time in getting a happy ending! Big O everyone. Any comments? Leave it below or [CLICK TO TWEET] to share this article with friends.