6 Practical Tips For Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

by Karly

long distance relationship problems tips

Things to do in a long distance relationship to keep LDR problems away!

Starting a long distance relationship (LDR) can be extremely difficult and stressful. In fact, all love relationships are complicated. Why? Because love is one of the most profound emotion know to human beings! When two loving hearts are living far apart, complications can start to creep up on your relationship.

But just how many people actually involve in LDR? Based on recent statistics, 14 million couples are involved in long distance relationships and 3.75 million are married couples in the US alone. Many factors have contributed to this popular phenomenon—easy travel options, technology advancement such as dating apps and even smart sexual novelties.

Inevitably, you may need to double up the effort to make it work. Being in a long distance relationship can be challenging yet exceptionally rewarding! Be optimistic, positive and have faith that all things will work out just fine even both of you are staying apart.

If you are unfamiliar with the things to do in a long distance relationship, here are 6 practical tips to help you avoid common long distance relationship problems that may come your way:


#1: Communication—Make It Two-Way

First of all, call. Talk. Chit-chat. You'll be surprise how often good communication can resolve many long distance relationship problems. Discuss what will be the good time to call each other. You can start by making it a ritual to have a scheduled call at night to share the highs and lows of your day. Check in with each other to show that you care and is genuinely interested in all aspect of their life. Be attentive when listening your partner and make them feel that they are part of your life regardless of physical company by your side.

You can video call too! Eye contact is a powerful stimulator of love and affection. Be smart and make full use of available technology such as Skype call or FaceTime to stay connected with each other.

#2: Messaging—Be Fun & Creative

Sending a simple text message at different times each day will help keep the spontaneity alive. This is especially great if both of you are busy or unavailable to talk over the phone due to time difference. Keep your messages fun, light-hearted and romantic. Jokes, pictures, funny memes, love poems or even a sexy voice recording are great ways to engage with your partner. Being emotionally present will definitely help keep your long distance relationship happy and healthy.

#3: Romance—Keep The Passion Alive

You can still shower your partner with affection, even in a long distance relationship. Wake them with a simple morning call to greet and check on them. End with the magic phrase “I love you”, coupled with virtual smooch can be a very sweet thing to do! Your romantic gesture is sure to warm their heart.

Don’t forget to compliment often as well. Stay attentive during video calls and notice any positive efforts your partner may have done to their appearance. For example, compliment your partner's new haircut, or that they look really fabulous in the particular dress or style they are wearing. Show them that you are always paying attention despite your physical absence.

Or perhaps plan a date? In fact, planning a weekly dinner date with your partner over Skype is not entirely impossible. Set the right ambience and ease into a relaxing conversation with each other. Enjoy!

#4: Play—Spice Things Up

Playing online games together can create some great and exciting moments in any long distance relationship. Sign up and play in the same multiplayer online game. Form a team, talk or even flirt in the virtual world because it can be a fun way to spice up your fantasies and relationship.

If both of you are of the adventurous sort, you may try watching some porn together and have a raunchy discussion after. Dirty talking on voice calls and mutual masturbation over Skype or FaceTime might be thrilling as well. Or better yet, get our Vibease SMART vibrator with your partner for the ultimate long distance pleasure play.

#5: Visit—Create Memories In Person

A visit in person is always is something long distance couples can look forward to. Surprise your partner with a visit to celebrate your anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion. It could also be great opportunity to hang out with their friends or family members to get to know them better.

#6: Independence—Don't Lose Sight Of Yourself

Lastly, as much as you love your partner and want to spend every moment with them, staying independence is key in every long distance relationship. Always remember that both of you are alone—but not lonely. Hence, it is important that both you and your partner understand that your worlds don't just revolve around each other, and that each of you have your own family and friends. 

It is good and healthy to give your partner some personal space. Encourage them to stay active in their own social circle and pursue their own hobbies while you do the same. This can reduce neediness and over-reliance, leading to an overall more satisfying long-term relationship!