Couple having video call

Long distance relationship made easier and fun!

Long distance relationship is extremely complicated and stressful? Don’t you agree that in fact all love relationships are complicated thing? Why? Because LOVE is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings! When two loving hearts living far apart due to whatsoever valid reasons, for short term or longer term, acceptingly or unwillingly, complications tend to sneak in quietly. Thus, your love game quickly level up and getting more challenging to play and finish victorious.

Just how many people actually involve in LDR? Based on updated statistic, there are total 14 million couples whereby 3.75 million are married that involve in LDR in US alone. Many factors had contributed to this popular phenomenon. Ease of travel thanks to abundance of lower cost carriers with better flight connection, technology advancement with proliferation of online dating or chatting applications, and smart sexual novelties as well as strong knowledge society where young adults have strong pursuit of higher education in universities.

Inevitably, you need to double up the effort to advance it. Challenging yet exceptionally rewarding! Be optimistic, positive and have faith that all things will work out just fine even both of you are staying apart. Well, here are 9 practical tips to successfully prolong your LDR! Good luck!

1. COMMUNICATION – make it two ways

VOICE call her. Communicate. Talk. Chitchat. Discuss what will be the good time to call each other. Either make it a ritual to have scheduled call at night sharing the highs and lows of your day will give each other something to look forward to everyday; or making calls throughout the day to have a more spontaneous and impromptu chitchatting. Check in with each other to show that you care about her and has genuine interest for all aspect of her life. Be attentive when listening to all her conversation. Make her feel that you are part of her life regardless of your physical company by her side.

VIDEO call her too! Eye contact is a powerful stimulator of love and affection. Stare into each other’s eyes and hearing each other’s voice simply melt the world. Try making some little dirty dance or moves in front of her making her LOL, showing her your new toys, attires, hairstyle, projects and etc will certainly cheer her up. Be smart to make full use of available technology like Skype call, FaceTime, online dating application to stay connected with each other.

2. MESSAGING – be creative and imaginative

Text her whenever possible. Send her messages at different times each day keeping her on her toes. This is a great alternative if either of you are busy and unavailable to talk over the phone during the day. Messages like short plain text, jokes, photographs, funny video clips, love poems, sext, dirty chat, and sexy voice recording or even email; will keep her updated with your happening, activities, feeling for the day. Constantly telling her your feeling towards her so that she knows and not guessing unnecessarily. Give her security and stability that she needs in the relationship.

3. ROMANCE – be affectionate

Get more cheesy and lovey-dovey every day with her. Wake her up with a quick morning call to greet her, check on her mood, and end with the magic phrase “I LOVE YOU” coupled with virtual smooch will be very sweet to do. Your romance will warm her heart through the day.

Don’t forget to compliment her often as well. Be focused and notice any change she might has (via video call) and give compliments. Example: You may compliment her when she has a new haircut, or really look fabulous in particular dress or style. Show her that you have been paying attention to her despite physical absence. She is forever the “princess” in your heart.

How about occasional recitation of romantic poems (self-composed or internet search) via voice or video call? Pick the right timing and ambiance to romance her. Well, you may also send over handwritten love letter crafted with loving photos of the two of you! Your little daily acts to show her your romantic side will strengthen the love relationship.

4. PLAY – mischievous and exhilarating

Tricky. Isn’t it? Be as playful as possible. Playing games together and enjoying the great moments together. Dirty talk over call or mobile chat application. Electrifying sexting. Sign up and play in the same multiplayer online game. Form a team or be alliance taking care of each other, talk or even flirt in the virtual world. Fun way to spice up your fantasies and relationship isn’t it? Besides virtual games, perhaps online hangman, chess, scrabble, crosswords puzzle, card games, monopoly game and etc to compete against each other might sound exciting too!

If both of you are of adventurous type, maybe you two can tune in and watch the same porn together and have some raunchy discussion after that? Occasional mutual masturbation over Skype or FaceTime might be thrilling to play too. Or simply get a Vibease to remotely control the vibes for a much fulfilling long distance play?

5. DATE – quirky yet brilliant

Who says you can’t go on date with her when distance away? In fact, you should do it regularly. Plan a daily Skype dinner if possible. Setting up the right ambiance, show her what you have and perhaps you can home cook for her next time you two meet up. Schedule for Skype breakfast and lunch session too if you can.

Date her to do the same outdoor activities too. Jog at a park, watch same movie, read same book or article, listen to same debut release and talk about it afterwards. Voila, you now have some common topics for casual discussion.

If all things possible, buy an air ticket and fly over to give her a real surprise date. She will certainly be touched by your loving act! But please be sure to check her schedule and availability first to avoid any disappointment.


Who doesn’t like surprises? The more the better! Be creative in your surprise element. Find out what her favorite hobbies or things are and splurge on her. Every now and then spoil her with random gifts, something special and not overly expensive because it is the thought that counts. Gift like small toy, book, flower bouquet, earrings, undies, lingerie, chocolate, sweater and etc may just send her to cloud nine. Or send her something closest to you (like your soft toy or t-shirt) so she feels soothing and can cuddle it at night while sleeping. You may check out Pillow Talk that believed to enable closeness feeling too.

If you happen to travel out of town for business, maybe sending a picturesque post card or unique gift will be quite meaningful too. With the spruce up of so many food delivery applications, sending deliciousness right to her door steps will feed her and wow her too! First, make sure she is staying in and till late to complete assignment or project before ordering your food surprise. Who will feel unimpressed by this amazing thoughtfulness?

7. VISIT – be sweet and memorable

Always create opportunity to visit and see each other face to face, so that there is something to look forward to. Maybe it is for anniversary celebration, birthday, special occasion and so on. If possible, you can also visit her family and friends too on the same trip to know her better.

Of course if feasible, why not schedule a new destination and fly in together for a short getaway? Meeting and exploring new places and adventures together is going to work like a charm! Give her all your attention when you are out with her. Cuddling warmly, holding hands, gently kissing, piggybacking, taking wefie together, having deep conversation, are all very reassuring and comforting for her. Turn off cell phone and sweetly appreciate all the pleasant moments together. Remember, physical affection enables a greater relationship satisfaction!

8. NICKNAME – funny yet lovable

Nicknames for couples may actually strengthen the bond. Giving each other a unique laughable nickname is kind of cute, and it helps to create a private world for the loving couple. The nickname becomes personal. You feel comfortable to call her nickname in public. It is one of the ways to show endearment towards her and that you possess special relationship with her. After all, it is what loving couple does, isn’t it?

9. INDEPENDENCE – be encouraging and brave

Practice independence. Both of you. She is alone but she is not lonely! She doesn’t have to revolve her world around you because she still have her own family and friends. Give her some space and strongly encourage her to stay active on her own social circle too. Continue to pursue her own activities and routine keeping in touch with those people outside of the relationship. Reducing stickiness in a positive way, but still keeping each other in the thought and heart.