Distance? Does it really matter?

by Vibease

In a LDR? Welcome my friend, you’re part of the growing number of couples who are in this little thing called Long Distance Relationship. There is a cool 3% of long distance marriages in the US and many others experiencing LDR at some point of their lives. You might have heard discouraging comments about dating long distance and how relationships fall apart due to the gap. As much as we try to avoid experiencing LDR in our personal endeavours, life takes us to many places and some how or rather, beyond our locus of control, love happens. Why does LDR happen? Partners might live apart due to work or studies in different cities and some parents make the difficult decisions to live apart to provide better options of educations for their children. Other than couples that were dating prior to their big move, the rising popularity of Internet dating services is leading to individuals, who would never have met under normal circumstances, forming meaningful bonds through virtual help. Of course, every relationship is different; distance can strengthen or weaken the relationship significantly. With the advancement in technology, you now have more options to feel closer to your partner than ye old letter writing. Why does the lack of intimacy break couples up? Many would agree that feeling secure in a relationship is one of the top priorities, along with trust and communication. Seeing each other as often as possible can be something to look forward too. As our generation grows to become more liberal, sexual intimacy has become an important component in helping couples to understand each other more and strengthen bonds in their relationship. To get a little science-y, sexy time releases a bunch of hormones and one of them is known as the cuddle hormone, oxytocin, which give you that warm and bonded feels with your partner. With that in mind, being apart for long periods of time causes the lack of oxytocin which causes withdrawal symptoms! I guess this is why they called it the Love Drug! So how do you make LDR slightly better? What will we be without WIFI? Oh glorious Internet. Thanks to advancements in technology, mobile devices, apps etc. couples can communicate with each other easier than before. Exchanging pictures, short video clips and messages are forms of sharing emotions and daily activities. But sometimes, one does still crave the intimacy. So how does one share their intimate moments with their partners who are miles away? Enter Vibease. Vibease is a smart couples’ vibrator, coupled with the app and remote control function, it can take your sexting and naughty video chats to the next level. Imagine having your partner control your vibrator while you’re shopping or in the comfort of your darken room, as a form of foreplay or enabling the couple to connect sexually despite being apart. Vibease is a great medium for engaging in sexual intimacy through your phone and a stable Internet connection, whether you’re away at the office or in a different continent. [caption id="attachment_3671" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Distance does not matter, of course! Distance does not matter, of course![/caption] The best advice? “Don’t go to bed angry.” Simple but rings true. This is especially difficult when your forms of communication is over the phone or by text and unable to meet up to trash it out face to face. Put in an extra effort to communicate and express yourself and concerns more effectively. If you have to explicitly say “I am upset with what you did” to convey your feelings, do it. Your partner on the other end of the line isn’t a mind reader, dropping little hints for him to pick up over text DOES NOT WORK. It becomes increasing frustrating when you’re going back and forth on an issue that could be solved by being honest with each other. Maintain an open mind and open communication, this will help when discussing and sharing ideas AND helps you sleep well at night. At the end of the day, even with all the technological options readily available, what keeps a couple together is the determination to make it work. If you sincerely yearn for your partner, every waking moment will be spent thinking about him/her and you might even try new ways to connect even further! Good luck!