Best Christmas Erotica For A Sizzling Holiday Season

by Karly

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We share the best Christmas-themed erotica to keep things both naughty... and nice!

Surprise your loved one with a naughty (but nice!) Christmas gift this holiday season! Vibease is spreading the festive joy with a wonderfully curated list of sizzling hot Christmas audiobooks to whisk you away into an exciting world of erotic fantasy.

Here are our top picks for you—pair them with any Vibease SMART vibrators for a deliciously erotic experience like no other:

#1: Merry Christmas, Baby!


By gaelforce
Relax and unwind it’s Christmas time!
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#2: Visiting at Christmas


By British Filth
You're among other visitors to my home this Christmas, but you've been teasing me all evening from across the room. I can take no more... 
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#3: Home for the Holidays


By Surfer Rod
It's the holidays, and we come home to visit my family. Being with each other but never actually getting to touch intimately is making me frustrated as hell. So that night, I sneak into your room. I know it's my family's house, but everyone is asleep. It's only me and you in this dark room, and nobody will be able to hear if we try and keep quiet…
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#4: Santa Calls


By eSensualbooks
Have you been naughty this year? Well, then Santa may just pay you a very special visit. Getting around the world in one night isn't easy, but Santa has many gifts…
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Vibease & Audio Erotica

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Unlike traditional vibrators, Vibease SMART vibrators reacts in sync with erotic audiobooks when connected to its Fantasy app via Bluetooth, allowing users to select one of the many audio fantasies from the Fantasy library to set them in the mood.

Vibease is also worn hands-free. With no need for user control, users are free to completely immerse into the fantasy and experience pleasure at a level never thought possible.

Audiobooks can be downloaded on Vibease’s Fantasy app, available on Apple Store and Google Play.