Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts

by Karly

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Long distance relationships are never easy. Why not learn the art of thoughtful giving and help increase intimacy in your LDR today?

Long distance relationships are the very definition of close, yet far away. But this time, you are emotionally connected while physically distanced. Anyone you ask will tell you that long distance relationships are difficult and they take a lot of work. But what option do you have if your partner lives far away or relocated recently? You have to make the best of it.

When it comes to intimacy in a long distance relationship, you will face several challenges. You can't hold hands, cuddle, kiss, or even have sex when you feel like because you are miles apart. Yet, you have to find a way to remain intimately connected with your partner. Perhaps, that would explain why sexting, video chats, and even video sex exist. 

Several things promote intimacy in a long distance relationship. Communication, anticipatory sexting, unexpected sexy videos, flirting, and eventually, scheduled sex on weekends when you are both free makes it worth the while.

Sending gifts to your partner is also another way to build intimacy in a long distance relationship, especially when the gift is a personal, thoughtful, and meaningful kind that will always remind them about your love and affection for them.

Benefits Of Thoughtful Gift Giving

Long Distance

The benefits of these little gifts, forget-me-nots, and even the great gifts in a long distance relationship cannot be overestimated. When the pain of not seeing for so long seems almost unbearable, hearing the doorbell ring and receiving a gift for your partner can liven you up for many days. 

Doing the same for your partner whether to mark an anniversary or simply to let them know you are thinking about them can spice things up a lot.

Rather than just getting any gift, you need to get something tangible and thoughtful; a gift that warms the cockles of their hearts and stays on their minds for a long time.

If you have ever received a teddy bear from your partner or a shirt and slept with it multiple times, you would understand how it builds intimacy between you even from a distance. 

Imagine waking up to an alarm clock that sounds your lover's voice, or seeing a frame of you both that he sent you last month first thing in the morning. Yes, that is the feeling.

So how can you tell what gift is thoughtful and meaningful?

You haven't gotten a thoughtful gift unless it means something personally to your partner and resounds with their interests, tastes, or personality.

If your partner is into art, getting them a new box of paints, a CD on modern art practices or a painting canvas will be great for them. If your partner is an introvert who would rather stay home all day, gifting them good books, a new headset or TV is thoughtful. A baseball player will appreciate some great gloves, especially if it is customized with their name or number.

The first step to getting a thoughtful gift that matches your partner's personality is to think about what they like and what they don't. Also, consider their hobbies and past times. Feel free to get creative, romantic, and even naughty.

You can get your partner kinky gifts if they are into that. It will come in handy if you ever have video sex, or if they masturbate. Imagine your partner doing this with your gift. You will be the only thing they think about. 

30 Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

Whether you are opting for romantic, kinky, personal, or efficient, you can't get your LDR partner just anything you find online or in the shop across from you. We have put together the best 30 gifts for long distance relationships and why they are best for your partner. 

#1: Touch Bracelet

One look at your hand reminds you about your partner when you see their long distance bracelet

Sometimes, it is enough to get you through the day when you touch the bracelet frequently. Some long distance bracelets are connected so that one vibrates or lights up when you touch the order. How sweet is that?

Long Distance
Credit: Bond Touch

#2: Homesick Candles

Send your partner homesick candles have smells just like your town or city and comfort them with an olfactory memory of your hometown.

You can get some for yourself with the scent of your boo's city. That way, whenever you miss each other, you can light the candles and connect. 

#3: Spinning Heart Messenger 

This Lovebox connects to your phone via an app and allows you to send romantic messages to your partner, which displays on a screen within the box. The heart in front spins when you receive a message and the sweet words pop up on the Lovebox. 

#4: Long Distance Touch Lamps

Imagine lighting your partner's lamp and having them light up yours from a distance. You and your partner connect these lamps to your Wi-Fi. After that, you can send your love by tapping on your lamp to light up theirs. They can spin the heart in response and shower your screen with hearts.

#5: Heartbeat Pillow And Speaker

Did you get used to hearing your partner's heartbeat as you sleep, this heartbeat pillow has a speaker and a system that sends your heartbeats via a wristband to your partner's speaker in real-time, and vice versa. 

Placing the speaker under your pillow stimulates the feeling of sleeping on your partner's chest.

Long Distance
Credit: LittleRiot

#6: Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets wrap around you like a warm hug, and you can help your partner miss you less by gifting them a weighted blanket. This blanket will cuddle your partner to sleep especially on nights when they are lonely and you can't be there to hold them.

#7: 'Why I Miss You' Book

This book comes blank and you fill in several reasons you miss your partner in all the spaces before sending them. Your partner will have a great time discovering all the things you love and miss about them. You can also send them a blank book so they fill it and mail it to you.

#8: Love Letters

What can be a more thoughtful gift for a partner than a bunch of love letters you wrote at different times for them to read at intervals?

Write love letters and date them or attach conditions your partner must fulfill before reading your heartfelt words. It is sweet and builds anticipation in your relationship.

#9: USB Mixtapes

The advent of online music streaming cannot take away the beauty of sending your partner a USB containing your best songs, or romantic tracks to make them remember you. You can make one for yourself so you can listen to the same songs together.

#10: App-Controlled Vibrator or Cock Ring

Imagine gifting your partner a vibrator that you can control from your city. This is a perfect gift for the kinky moments where you can bring your partner pleasure by controlling the speed and pattern of the vibrator as you sex chat. You can get a cock ring for your male partner and control it while they control your vibrator.

Long Distance

#11: A Sex Playlist

Make a playlist of songs you can masturbate to with your partner. Get their song ideas, add yours, and record them. Turn on the playlist every time you both masturbate or sext to create the perfect mood.

#12: Audio Erotica

Get the most sexual or kinky audio erotica with several themes your partner loves and gift it to them. Rather than watch porn, they can listen to audio erotica from several tags including dirty talks, long distance relationships, BDSM, or whatever gets them off best.

#13: Send Videos Of Yourself 

Gift your partner videos of your masturbation sessions and have them get off to your sight and sound when you cannot do it live. You can also record your sex when you are together and send them a compilation.

#14: Write an Erotica

If you are a good writer, create original stories with your names and sexual fantasies that you both can enjoy. The story can be based on something you have done or what you want to try at your next meeting.

#15: Secret Message Bracelets

Send your partner a leather bracelet that holds a secret message from you on the inner part. When they go about with this bracelet, they can't help but remember the words you have written on the other side.

Credit: Porter And Hazel

#16: Personalized Pillows

Your long distance relationship pillows can come with a customized picture of your faces, your favorite quote, or the day you began your relationship. This pillow is a constant reminder of your love, especially on the lonely nights.

#17: A Girlfriend Pillow

Send your partner a pillow that comes shaped like your body with two boobs, a chest, and a hand. They can spend nights sleeping on a pillow version of you until your next meeting.

#18: Long Distance Relationship Mugs

Sharing a customized mug with your long distance partner ensures that you are sipping coffee together from the same cup even though you are not. You can customize your face or hearts on the mugs and start your day drinking from them. 

#19: Handless Phone Stand Or Tripod

You will be making many video calls, whether for sex or not, so save your partner's arms from tiring out by getting them a phone stand to hold their devices while you talk or sex for hours.

#20: Personalized Wall Decoration

Get a wall frame bearing your names, the map of your cities or states, and connecting your hearts between those cities. It serves as a constant reminder that you are connected despite the distance, and can also make them anticipate your next meeting more.

#21: Customized Bracelets 

Several customized bracelets are at your disposal for the best long distance relationship gift. You can either get coordinates bracelets that bear the coordinates of where you met or your home. You can also get a bracelet bearing the map of your state and theirs, reminding you of the journey to each other. 

#22: A Weekender Bag

One sweet way to remind your partner that you are counting down to your next meeting is to send them a cute traveling bag that is the perfect size for a weekend or full week with you. 

#23: Alarm And Photo Frame

A LED digital picture and video frame that comes with an alarm is a perfect gift for a partner who is time conscious and has to wake up early every day. It also comes in handy if you are in different time zones as the alarm reminds them of the time they should call you.

#24: Self-Care Package

You can send your long distance partner a gift box containing several sex care packages containing several sex toys, porn CDs, sex magazines, lubes, vibrators, and anything else they need for solo pleasure.

#25: Heartbeat Ring

This ring can help your partner feel your heartbeat throughout the day, and help you feel theirs. It gets more interesting when you are texting or masturbating and your heartbeat spirals and increases in pace.

Long Distance
Credit: The Touch

#26: Couple Keychains 

Get keychains that are complete when you are together, and hold on to half parts of a heart, map, or shape that reminds you of your other half every time you carry them around.

#27: Customized Rings 

Purchase a couple's ring and send one to your partner. The rings can either contain the initials of your names, your coordinates, the map of your states, or a heart. 

#28: Long Distance Clothing 

Who says you can only wear couples' clothes when you are together? Get couples' shirts and hoodies for you and your partner even though they seem cheesy. You can even wear them on the same day and exchange pictures.

#29: Subscription Gift 

You can gift your partner subscription cards for Netflix, Spotify, or iTunes if they are into movies and music. You can also sign them up for a meal delivery service to give them lunch at work since you can't do that yourself. You can also register an online or offline class they are interested in and surprise them with a receipt or passcode for such classes.

#30: A Digital Picture Frame

You can play through several memories you shared on your digital picture frame, add a few of you being cute or sexy, or capture those moments when you miss them. You can store as much as 8GB worth of files on a digital picture frame.

Final Thoughts

Long distance relationships can get lonely at times, but you can keep the intimacy and connection strong by getting your partner thoughtful gifts that warm their hearts and keep them thinking about you every day.

You can start your day using matching coffee mugs, communicate your love though torch lamps and touch bracelets, explore your feelings with love letters and journals.

You can also spice up your sexual intimacy by gifting them app-controlled sex toys like vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs, and the like that you can control from wherever you are to give them earth smashing sexual pleasure.

The time you spend apart becomes more bearable and even downright enjoyable when you are doing the right thing. In the end, your hearts will grow fonder through the distance.