Down and Dirty with Adult Toys

by Vibease

There’s a first time for everything, isn’t it? But not to worry, here’s the low down on what to look for when buying your first sex toy! Whether it’s your first time buying toys to spice up le sexy time with your partner(s) or buying “for a friend”, remember though climax is your ultimate goal but keep in mind to have fun in the arms of safety! It is important to know what you’re going to put in and around your genital area because it’s no fun and games when your privates are burning like hellfire. Safe sex in all aspects, hunny! Do your research There are many articles out there going in depth about “Toxic Toys” and how to maintain your sex toys. Find out which reputable websites or brick and mortar stores people are getting their toys from. Consumers are more open about sharing their purchases and reviews on their sex toys nowadays, so there’s no shortage of research material out there on the World Wide Web. You know those clear and bendy, neon jelly dildos which have a “novelty gifts” stamped on the back; often bought as gag gifts for hen’s night parties, bobbing awkwardly as it is waved around the bar for the amusement of your girlfriends, only to be promptly stashed away in the deepest drawer along with your shame. Sounds familiar? You might want to pull it out of your drawer and give it a look. NO to Phthalates! These toys might contain phthalates (to make the toys squishy and bendy) and degrade over time, becoming weepy and have oil beading. Not to mention the strong chemical plasticky smell. This is definitely not normal! Many have reported that they were in excruciating pain while rashes akin to ‘chemical burns’ plagued their privates after using such toys. Time to toss those toys! Sex toys can be expensive but your health is more precious than to hold on to a poorly made toy that might just poison you. A good quality toy will take you through the years and every climax. So spend your money wisely! What to look for in Adult Toys? Right off the bat, toys made of metal, glass ABS hard plastic and high-grade silicone will be your best bet in looking for non-porous toys. Another important factor to look for is a seamless toy. Fluid can get trapped within ridges and grooves of plastic screw off battery caps, which can be hard to clean out, or overlooked. Especially for vibrators, which cannot be boiled for sterilisation, you wouldn’t want to be breeding build up and bacteria! Keep in mind of toys with spray finishes, because with constant contact with fluids, washing and friction, the paint might have a higher possibility of getting scratched or flake off entirely. We wouldn't want that! Here are some articles from Bustle and Kinkly that elaborate more on the nitty gritty of Toxic Toys. Have fun and remember to stay safe!