Explore Erotica for Women With Panthera Amur

by Karly

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Ladies, it's time to indulge in some erotica for women this 8th March.

Mark your calendars, because International Women's Day is here on 8th March. It’s a day about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action. At Vibease, we strive to empower women with innovation and redefine sexuality through our audio erotica.

Late last year, we had the opportunity to pick the brains of one of our audiobook authors, JayMasters, on his story ideas and thoughts on audio porn.

This month, in celebration of the women everywhere and their achievements, we reached out to our audiobook author, Panthera Amur, to discuss further about the world of audio erotica and what’s it like being a female author in the erotica industry.

Additionally, we rounded up her hottest erotica for women, to pair with your Vibease SMART vibrator. So why not treat yourself to some pleasure and self-love you deserve this International Women’s Day?

How did you get into creating audio erotica?

Erotica Authors

Like many of my fellow performers, I fell across Literotica. Having found the audio board, I decided I’d like to try that and my first very short audio was made and posted… I kept creating because of the incredible feedback I got and the rush from making people experience so much pleasure!  

Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?

Sometimes it's real life, sometimes it’s from my sexual bucket list! I often get audio titles from song lyrics and my wonderful followers and fans often drop me ideas too. It’s always fun to play with something I haven’t experienced before too.

What’s your favourite perk about being an audio erotica author?

Getting lots of orgasms!! Ha! Truly, yes orgasms, I always get off recording! And now I’m blushing!

Being a female audio erotica author, do you think there’s a certain stigma that comes with your job? What do you think can change that?

Erotic audio has always been a hush-hush kind of movement. There is very much a stigma that comes with it, and we are lumped in with the visual porn industry rather than being seen for our own take on erotica. I think the continued exposure of erotic audio with firms like Vibease helps a lot to bring it out the dark, and new platforms such as Quinn will help too. More listeners, less stigma!

Is there anything about your work that you wish more people knew?

Oh, that’s a good question! Probably the biggest thing would be that we work hard to produce good sexy content for our listeners, and we don’t just throw something together and throw it out, we put time into our work, and we have a lot of pride in it too!

There’s a general assumption that most audio erotica listeners are women. Do you think that’s true?

Absolutely not. As a female artist for more than 10 years now, I would say the boys match the girls, though the boys are probably less likely to talk about it I would think!

What are some of the most common requests you get from your fans? Have you accepted any requests that you felt were challenging or slightly out of your comfort zone?

Common requests change and come full circle over time, at the moment it’s girlfriend experiences and the friends-to-lovers theme. I’ve accepted a few private requests for custom made audios that were slightly out of my comfort zone, the most challenging for me are the anime-related as I have no knowledge of them whatsoever!

Are the fan favourites also your personal favourites, or do they often differ greatly?

They’re pretty close together. I’m loving the cute sensual audios at the moment with lots of giggles, and they seem to be very much enjoying those. Sometimes it’s funny to watch an audio that you were a little hesitant about posting, hit high on the board and garner lots of feedback and comments.

It’s no doubt audio erotica has revolutionised the sex industry. What do you hope to see in the future of audio erotica?

Much easier access for fans. Reddit and Literotica have hosted the mainstay for years, but they host a range of other services too and erotic audio often gets buried. I would love to see Vibease's Fantasy library and Quinn start to expand and provide good solid platforms for fans.

Finally, in celebration of women, what do you think is the best gift someone can give to show appreciation to the women in their life?

The best gift you can give to a woman to show you appreciate them… your time. Your total unadulterated time. In a day and age where gadgets and notification sounds permeate our lives—giving your precious time, free from distractions and interruptions, is very precious. And orgasms… Don’t forget the orgasms too! :)

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#1: Cum and Have Fun With Me

Erotica For Women

By Panthera_Amur
Hello my beautiful girl - is it playtime? Of course it is. Find some space, lie back, switch on and let me take you and your toy to a toe curling orgasm.
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#2: Across His Lap

Erotica For Women

By Panthera_Amur
Do you like being spanked? Do you like lying across his lap with his cock twitching against you and his hand making pretty red marks on your arse? Well then, come inside and let me take you through a hot fantasy designed to get you... off.
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#3: Bi Curious

Erotica For Women

By Panthera_Amur
I know all about the little fantasies that have been running around in your mind... and I would love for you to come explore them with me, find out exactly what it's like to play with another woman...
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Can’t get enough? View our full collection of audio erotica by Panthera Amur on our Fantasy library. You can also find her on Twitter, Literotica or Reddit, and support her on her web page!