Erotica has always been an integral part of media, and caters to a rather large amount of audiences who prefer literary and auditory stimulation rather than the hardcore visuals associated with pornography. Many claim that they find the experience of reading and listening to erotica as more arousing than its mainstream counterparts. A lot of times, too, readers find themselves wishing that they could feel the words they see or listen on a particularly stimulating piece of erotica.

Directed Erotic Visualization (DEV©, by eSensual Group) is an audio experience that harnesses the power of your mind to create very real scenarios that lead to intense multiple orgasm in both women and men. The sex feels deliciously real, the bondage feels excitingly real and the scenes in which you are placed feel sensuously real. Easy guided relaxation teamed with gentle suggestion to promote graphic visualisation and some really hot erotic story telling work together to create a subjective reality where virtually any sexual experience is possible, a unique fantasy experience that puts you into the very heart of the sexiest stories.

“Making the World a better place one orgasm at a time.”, DEV©

With the infinite sensory capabilities provided by DEV©, one can wonder how far they can go with this particular technique. Vibease provides you with an excellent answer. Vibease has developed the world’s first wearable smart vibrator. It is not just an ordinary sex toy, Vibease can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and vibrates in sync with your favorite erotic audiobooks.

And, we are excited to announce that Vibease has teamed up with eSensual Group to bring you even more pleasure. Combining Vibease with DEV© audio, you can achieve a whole new level of sensual pleasure you won’t ever get with a simple vibrator or erotic text. The powerful, synchronized vibrations offered by Vibease, developed through years of studying the female orgasm, is designed to fulfill your most intimate sexual fantasies.

Download our free app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and get one of the most popular DEV© erotica below:

Orgasm Command

Simply play your DEV© audio experience while using the Vibease smart vibrator and let the increasing vibrations work together with the wonder of DEV© to bring you more sensation than ever before.

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