Five Reasons Every LDR Couple Needs The Vibease

by Jennifer

Most people will tell you that communication is the key to a successful long-distance relationship. I don’t disagree. But a very close second is great sex.

When I first started dating my now-husband long distance, I made a resolution that I wasn’t going to let our sex life get boring. We tried everything—and I mean everything. Finding the right long-distance sex toy to work into our cybersex sessions was one way we spiced up our relationship.

The toy that we had the most fun with was the Vibease, the best remote-control vibrator for long-distance couples. The Vibease is an external vibrator that you “wear” by slipping into your into your panties. It’s controlled by an app, and the amount of distance between you and your partner doesn’t matter. So while he’s at work in Paris and you’re running errands in San Francisco, you can have some naughty sex play with your long-distance lover.

My husband and I closed the gap and recently got married, but we still use the Vibease. Here are five reasons every long-distance relationship couple should feel the pleasure of Vibease.

business-time Distance Doesn’t Matter

The first wearable "smart" vibrator, the Vibease communicates with your smartphone. First, you and your man download the Vibease Chat app, available on iPhone and Android phones, and create profiles. The step-by-step instructions will help you and your partner connect to the vibrator via Bluetooth.

Once in the app, you can customise the pulsation settings for your Vibease. There are 11 preset pulses, or you—or your man—can create custom vibes that are stored in the “My Vibes” section of the app. Once everything is configured to your liking, just slip the vibrator into your panties, and your partner will bring your fantasy to life. This is what makes it perfect for long-distance relationships. Your man can take control from wherever he is in the world. Honestly, I think Internet-controlled vibrators are the best things to happen for couples in long-distance relationships.

It Looks—and Feels—Good

I believe that your sex toys should be pretty, and the Vibease vibrator is really pretty. It comes in pink or purple and is made of a silicone that mimics the feel of skin. Plus, the Vibease is seamless, so there is no irritation down there. When I wore my Vibease to work, it was so comfortable that I actually forget I was wearing it for a while! The tip is designed to stay in place while still hitting your sweet spot.

Although the color of the vibrator is loud, the vibrations are powerful yet quiet. As the Vibease is designed to be wearable, which means that you can wear it anywhere, it’s vital that the vibrations don’t sound like a construction site. Can you imagine if you were getting a little action at your desk and your boss asked you where that vibrating noise was coming from? Luckily, the Vibease is discreet. No one will know that you’re having a good time—unless you want them to.

Fantasy Comes to Life

Although the Vibease is the perfect sex toy for couples in long-distance relationships, it’s also fun to use when you’re alone. In the Vibease Chat app, you’ll find erotica books that vibrate in sync with your Vibease. You can also purchase stories with “vibe credits,” but most of the fantasies are free. Simply select a fantasy story that suits your mood—I tried “The First Meeting—put your earphones in and press play. The hands-free vibrator pulses in sync with the audio fantasy. You don’t have to control it or think up your fantasy. The Vibease might just give you the easiest orgasm you’ve ever had.

It Keeps Your Private Stuff Private

Although there is an option for multiple contacts, long-distance couples can make their experience on the app very private. In your privacy settings, choose a request code. Then when your partner searchers for your nickname and enters your request code, you can add him to your list of trusted partners. Once added, he—and only he—can connect with your Vibease any time. The app also has a built-in chat system if you’d rather keep your sexting sequestered from the rests of your messages.

It’s The Everyday Woman’s Vibrator

The Vibease is all about pleasure but not at the expense of practicality. You and your partner don’t need to have the same phone models for the app to work. Android devices can connect with iOS devices, and Vibease is always adding new models to the list of phones compatible with the Vibease, so check back soon if you have a Windows phone or a Blackberry. The rechargeable battery lasts up to three hours, and the battery can be charged through USB. Plus, it’s waterproof, so it’s easy to clean.

If you and your long-distance lover are looking to spice things up, the Vibease is one of the best long-distance sex toys out there. Imagine the fun that could be had if you wore it all day and had no idea when your partner was going to turn it on. In the morning, put it in your panties and let your man know, then he can surprise you by turning it on whenever he feels like it. He might just want a little running commentary in return.

But I’m sure you can use your imagination when it comes to getting the most pleasure out of the Vibease. My husband and I sure did. And even though I wasn’t exactly returning the favor for him, he got a lot of pleasure out of knowing he was giving me pleasure—and I think your man will feel similar.