Robots in love

What is the future landscape of lovemaking? Is tomorrow here today? Avoid it or embrace it?

Have you ever imagined how your sexual indulgence is going to look like in say 10 years from now? Thanks to the many brilliant human brains out there, countless advanced technologies are continuously and rapidly evolving. For better or for worse, they are going to change the sex world. The marriage between these innovative technology with sex had crafted a masterpiece called sextech.


“Sextech is technology, and technology-driven ventures, designed to enhance, innovate and disrupt in every area of human sexuality and human sexual experience…. Sextech is important because sex and sexuality lie at the heart of everything we are and everything we do… Out of personal challenge, Dema Tio found himself and his young wife working in different countries early on in their marriage, and out of their frustration came Vibease, which allows couples in long distance relationships to maintain their sexual connection.“ article excerpts from Cindy Gallop, founder of


Are you a visionary or laggard in technology adoption in general? And here we are referring to the more personal and intimate sex. How much you have heard about it and ready to accept it when it comes? What are the possibilities and implications? Like it or not, they are creeping in fast and furious despite your little awareness or total ignorance about it. Report from Future of Sex offers very insightful information and predictions into these technology transformations in 5 major areas that are mind-blowing. Read on and who knows you may simply love your amazing discovery? 

9 Predications on Future of Sex from
9 Predications on Future of Sex from


Internet of thing (IoT) technology that enables safe connection of device to the Internet is getting pretty mature now. Not only your house’s electrical appliances and switches can be remote controlled now, but also your sexual pleasure devices. How lovely!

Heard of teledildonics? This dated term is a technology that sends and receives sexual touch over data networks. Now commonly known as haptic touch technology, it can apply forces, vibrations or movement wirelessly.’s world first smart internet-connected remotely control wearable vibrator released few years back enable couple to remain sexually active with each other despite far apart or for foreplay together. A few companies are also following suit now to produce these kind of vibrators. 

Close to completion, Little Riot mentioned that they will ship Pillow Talk this year, these connected pillows let you hear the heartbeat of your loved one in realtime via mobile app, wristband and speaker, as if you are lying your head on your partner’s chest and feel the closeness despite staying far apart. Prototypes like virtual hug and remote kissing had also been made possible with haptic touch and virtual reality.  

Long distance remote sex will get more intense in the coming decade. Some highly customize-able 3D-printed body parts or sex toys integrate with touch feedback will offer a more realistic sex. It is predicted that over a quarter of young adults will appeal to this.


Virtual sex means electronically transmitting sexually explicit or obscene messages via text, voice, or video. Cybersex via chatroom or online games, phone sex, and sexting are some of the common virtual sex phenomenon. 

Virtual sex lets your fantasies run wild. You can try many different roles playing in online multiplayer adult virtual games. Red Light Center, for example, allows you to design your own avatar (your digital representation) and virtually interact or sex with other real people in real time. You can customize your most desirable (or even outrageous) erotic fantasy, environment, body, etc all at your fingertips and without feeling shameful. Some 3D sex games are supporting virtual reality headsets and interactive sex toys which deeply intensify the immersive cybersex. 

Unleash your virtual fantasies in virtual games.
Unleash your virtual fantasies in virtual games.

In the coming few years, we may see even more rampant sex happening in the virtual world via this highly customizeable avatar, where people is not judged, obliged by rules, and has all the freedom to do anything they like. Motion-capture technology will create incredibly lifelike moving graphics with your body gestures. All these new revolutions are the game changers, the surefire to boost the immersion luring you deep into this very unreal yet sex-provoking virtual world. Game on!


Robot is machine intended to perfect our human lives. Humanoid robot (human-like robot) like Geminoid F can perform many simple activities like walk, open door, carry objects and etc. Erotic chatbot is used to facilitate racy chats in some online adult forums. Sex robot, sexbot, sex doll, or sex servant; regardless of how you call it, it is popular trending now and is coming up soon. It is touted as one of the futuristic sex toy with cutting-edge technology.

Sexbots are silicone dolls made to look very realistic, incredibly lifelike and equip with sophisticated movements. They are made to closely mimic humans (behaviors, actions, feelings, conversation, etc) in order to be able to offer realistic sex experience comparable to real human sex. Many companies had recently released improved and smarter sexbot prototypes. Prototype of DS Doll Robotic Head can speak, smile and sing. And Realdoll from Abyss Creations will be further blended with greater artificial intelligence and virtual reality so to equip it with hyper-realistic features, warmth, and sensors that react to touch. You can now order a customized world first sex robot from too.

Despite controversies arise on the existence of sexbot and some view it as a huge human threat, deep learning will continue to intensify sexbot’s artificial intelligence. They will learn seduction and sexual skills, and constantly upgrade themselves. Therapeutic sexbots may be used to help cure sexual dysfunction or loneliness, acts as sex guru, provide companionship etc. And prediction of 1 in 10 young adults will make love with sexbot at least once by 2045, how shocking is that!?


In order to enable an immersive experience and to heighten user’s intimacy, it is not uncommon to see many adult entertainment providers had now embraced heavily on virtual reality (VR) technology in their service offerings incorporating with teledildonics. 

For example, CAM4VR who offers live streaming VR sex cameras integrated smart sex toy and voice capability for direct chatting with performers, making a more personal and upclose experience. CamSoda instead include senses like 3D holograms and even odors through a sensory mask, providing a multi-sensory sex play.

From adult industry to education, VR had enabled a more immersive sex education as well. It helps to create a safer environment for people to learn about sexuality. Emory University partners with Georgia Tech to plan to develop high-engagement VR sex education about safe sex practices for young women of color to minimize STIs, HIV infections and unintended pregnancies. Virtual Sexology is a cutting-edge VR experience for sex education and therapy created by BaDoinkVR to help enhance sexual pleasure and performance, both solo and with partner. 

Based on prediction, by year 2020, smart users will often combine VR with haptic sex toys to indulge themselves entirely to enjoy immersive sex. 

Virtual Reality Sex
Virtual reality (VR) headset gives a more immersive sex experience.


Human augmentation refers to improvement of human body’s capabilities and appearance via technology. Biology limits are slowly pushed up by the likes of augmented reality, implants and wearable chips into our flesh. Medical breakthroughs had opened up many possibilities that you can hardly imagine. There were many success cases on the news. 

In 2016, 1st US penis transplant happened to a penile cancer survivor who amputated his penis. World’s 1st womb transplant on Emilie due to her rare condition by Swedish doctor Mats Brannstrom had enabled her a success baby birth. Doctors at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre succeeded in building and implanting lab-grown vaginas (from patient’s own cell) into 4 young women with vaginal aplasia allowed them with normal vagina activities now. They also successfully bioengineered penile erectile tissue and implanted them on rabbits. 

Regenerative medicine uses 3D bioprinting to help to reengineer human tissues and organs that are transplantable and restoring its normal function. This technology will help to overcome sexual dysfunction or injury. And it offers possibility to customize our bodies to enhance individual sexual aesthetic and sexual enjoyment too.

Can’t get enough of science-fictions fantasies and attempt to become a sexual cyborg? You can try to merge yourself with the machine by simply inserting all the microchips, sensors and internet-connected implants in the near future. Your sex life may just fire up tremendously sooner than you think.

Sexual Cyborg
Fancy to be a sexual cyborg? Dream on.

Disruption is the latest buzzword and it seems to impact many industries and certainly will not stop at adult industry. These progressive disruption in adult entertainment is pretty welcoming and believed to be able to improve your intimacy and sexual pleasure greatly in the near future. They hold tremendous potential to resolve the once impossible sexual challenges into viable and effective solutions beyond physical, emotional, and geographical constraint. I guess everyone will stand to benefit sexually one way or another from this promising sex future? Will you? What do you think? Share your comment below. ?