How Emoji and Sex are magically linked?

by Karly

Emoji and Sex feature

Emoji addiction means sex obsession. You had been warned!

Love texting? Love emojis? Love sex? Love emojis and sex? Love texting and emojis and sex?

If you have more than 3 YES to these questions, you are one of them! You fall into the group of strong sex obsession! The more you use emoji or emoticons in your texting, the more your complex brain is getting into sex thoughts. Frequent emoji usage translates into high horniness in you! ‘Singles in America Survey' by suggested that there is a direct correlation between the two.

[caption id="attachment_6094" align="alignright" width="295"]Correlation of Emoji and Sex Correlation of Emoji and Sex[/caption]

The survey polled around 5,600 singles, both men and women, age 18 to 70+ years old staying in United States. According to the result, 54% of emoji users had engaged in sexual activities recording for the year whilst merely 31% for those non-emoji users.

On top of more sex, emoji users almost double the date appointments and two times more likely to want to tie the knot, according to Dr Helen Fisher, world renowned biological anthropologist and Senior Research Fellow of The Kinsey institute at Indiana University. I think it is just natural that if you go on more romantic dates, you would be thinking of getting married eventually, aren't you? I guess everyone would desire for a fruitful dating life.

And for those in 20s, 30s, and 40s age group, more emoji users (especially the men) are having at least one sexual intercourse every month compared to those non-emoji users. Mind you, emojis seem to pose incredible seductive power in that sense!

Wouldn't you agree emojis are cute, entertaining and magical? Emojis not only inject more personality to the message but also enable expression of feelings easier, added Dr Fisher. Another reason why singles use emojis is because they think it is faster and easier to compose a full message using a few tiny little characters. Voila! Boring plain text message is transformed to light-hearted message instantly.

Emoji users are spoilt with abundance of choice. Out of the 722 emojis available currently, the top 3 most popular emojis to flirt with a date are the winky face (53%), smiley face (38%) and kissy face (27%).

[caption id="attachment_6054" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Top  3 Emojis Top 3 Emojis[/caption]

Human brain is extremely fascinating. How could an innocuous eggplant or banana be imagined as sexual body parts? In fact, many consider these as sexually explicit images. In Twitter, eggplant tops the survey as the most frequently used emoji to represent penis compared to banana.

[caption id="attachment_6084" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Sexually Explicit Emojis Sexually Explicit Emojis[/caption]

You had been using emojis relentlessly to communicate, flirt, and even sexting with each other. But just how much do you know about emojis? Take a quick look at some fun facts about emojis.

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Emojis are everywhere and we are so emotionally attached to them. Just today July 28th, a 3D animated film titled “The Emoji Movie” had been released by Sony Pictures Animation to capitalize on this amazing sensation! What's more? With the 56 new emojis coming in soon to Apple products and the rest, our “emoji-citement” will further run wild. Simply mind-blowing! Singles or not, as long as you keep up your emojis affection, you are naturally on your way to a more active sex life! Emoji era! If you enjoy this post, please share it with your friends too. Thanks.