How To Clean Your Sex Toys

by Karly

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Learn all about the essential tips to cleaning your sex toys.

If you own sex toys, whether for some amazing sessions of ‘me-time’, or to get kinky with a partner, you should learn how to clean your sex toy. While it is instinctive to reach for your pleasure object when you want to bask in some orgasmic bliss, paying attention to cleaning these toys doesn’t come naturally. 

However, if you want your bed buddy that you’re probably on a first-name basis to live a long, pleasurable life, you must clean your sex toys properly. Correct cleaning will also save you from some nasty infections, especially if you share them with a second party. 

Common Types Of Sex Toy Materials 

When it comes to cleaning your sex toys, you should wash it based on the nature of its material. There are some dos and don’ts associated with cleaning sex toys made of certain materials, so you must do it right to prevent destroying your toy or causing an accident. 

Generally, sex toys are made of either porous or non-porous materials. 

Porous Materials 

Porous materials often have holes in different places where dirt, bacteria, or fungi can settle, increasing the possibility of getting infected. Porous materials include Thermoplastic rubber and Thermoplastic elastomer (TPR and TPE), Jelly Toys, Latex/rubber. 

Non-Porous Materials

Non-porous materials don’t have holes and have higher quality, so you are relatively safer from viruses lurking around. Non-porous materials include plasticsex toys, glass toys, metal, stone, ceramics, and silicone toys.  

The nature of non-porous material makes it easy to clean and wash and makes them unable to hold germs. Cleaning silicone toys is easy, and those without motors can also be sterilized safely.

With proper care, silicone toys can be your lifetime pleasure partner. It is a no brainer, but you should also bear in mind that you will clean a motorized sex toy differently from how you clean a non-motorized version. 

If your sex toy uses a battery, electric plugs, or other motors, avoid immersing them in water. 

How To Clean Your Sex Toy

Cleaning your sex toy is very important as it must be sufficient to keep you safe. I mean, what is the essence of cleaning your pleasure item if you miss all the important points or end up destroying it in the process?

When cleaning, you also need to avoid damaging your sex toy’s material or destroying its powerhouse, in the case of motorized toys. If you have a silicone vibrator, dildo, butt plug, strap on, or any freaky object on your shelf, there are some things you should note.

#1: Use Mild Soap & Water

As close as you might feel to your sex toy after sharing many blissful moments, you shouldn’t use your bath soap to wash it after or before use unless it is mild. 

It is crucial to find the right soap, which is light, mild, and unscented. Scented or harsh can damage your sex toy, hurt your vagina, and cause infections.

#2: Submerge Or Boil Non-Motorized Sex Toys

If your silicone sex toy is not motorized, immerse it totally in water and soap, and wash it. Alternatively, you can run your sex toy through your dishwasher.

Make sure you look out for any water temperature instruction if you are going to place it in boiling water.

#3: Boiling Your Sex Toy

You can place your sex toy in a pot of boiling water for 5-10 minutes and sterilize it. However, you need to be sure the sex toy is made of silicone as rubber and latex toys cannot stand the heat.

Metals, glass, and stone toys might be able to stand the heat, but because of their nature, they are not prone to holding germs, so it might not be necessary to boil them.

#4: Dry Your Sex Toy After Washing

You shouldn’t leave your toy wet or damp no matter how well you have sterilized it. Always dry your sex toys with a clean napkin or towel after use as a dirty towel can infect your toy and probably leave you in worse place hygiene wise. 

Damp sex toys can also grow mold or fungus, which you don’t want anywhere around your openings. 

#5: How to clean motorized sex toys 

If your sex toys use batteries, chargers, or motors, you should avoid submerging them in water. Don’t allow water to get anywhere near the motor or the battery, as it would damage them. 

Use a damp cloth and mild soap to wipe your motorized toy before and after use. Be sure to use a clean cloth when wiping your sex toy. If your vibrator is water-resistant, you can immerse in water and wash, but don’t leave it for too long.

For toys that aren’t waterproof, it is recommended to use a sex toy cleaner.

#6: Use A Toy Cleaner

If you don’t want to go through these DIY steps, or you want a quick wipe before or after pleasuring yourself, you can use a non-irritating and skin sensitive sex toy cleaner or spray for a quick one. 

Toy cleaners are specially made to clean sex toys without damaging the material. Ingredients vary among brands. Most sex toy cleaners are made of deionized water and gentle surfactants, while some may have anti-fungal and bacteria elements as well as mild fragrances.

Toy cleaners will clean and deodorize your sex toy without leaving minerals and residues like tap water would, so it is a cleaner option for your toys. When getting a spray cleaner, look out for alcohol-free as cleaners with alcohol can damage your materials. Also, focus on water-based cleaners as oil-based, and silicone-based cleaners can damage the materials. 

Here is how to use a sex toy cleaner: 

  • Remove the battery or unplug your sex toy if it uses plugs or motor.
  • If you are using a foam or gel cleanser, apply a small amount on your sex toy and rub it all around the toy to cover every part
  • If you own a spray cleaner, hold the bottle a few inches away from your sex toy and spray it all over. 
  • Leave to sit for a few minutes before wiping with a paper towel or clean cloth.
  • Don’t use too much cleaner because it would be a waste. A little spritz or mist is enough to go around.

Don’ts Of Cleaning Your Sex Toy 

  • Don’t boil or immerse motorized toys in water. It would totally damage the battery and engine.
  • Don’t use harsh or scented soap when washing your sex toys.
  • Don’t leave a wet sex toy after washing; dry it with a clean cloth.
  • Don’t immerse a leather sex toy in water; clean with a damp cloth or leather cleaner. 

Best Storage Practices For Your Sex Toys

While cleaning your sex toys is a significant step towards hygiene consciousness, storing your pleasure object is another area you should consider. It is not enough to sterilize your dildo and then place it in your drawer with your hairbrush, creams, and other likely bacteria-ridden materials. You need to store your sex toys properly away from contaminants. 

As long as you’re keeping your toys safe, there is no singular place you must store them. You have many options.

The first option is the bag or purse they came in when you purchased them. If your sex toys come in storage bags that you can hold on to, keep them in their bags after every use. This way, all your sex toys are in their different bags.

You can get a small plastic bag or pouch solely for your sex toys after washing and drying them. The bag should have a seal or lock to keep dust and dirt out. 

Consider getting storage containers for your different sex toys if you have a few and place them in different parts of your room. Whatever box, bag, or container you choose, make sure they are dirt and germ-free and wash them from time to time as you clean your sex toys. 

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your sex toys is essential, and you must pay attention to every stage and requirement. The first step is to determine the material your toy is made from because the kind of material determines the cleaning you can do. 

Use mild soap and water to wash your toys before and after use. You can also boil your sex toy for a few minutes if made of silicone or other materials that can stand the heat. 

Avoid immersing motorized sex toys in water; instead, clean them with a towel, mild soap, and water, or spray with a toy cleaner. 

All these details and precautions probably sound like a lot of work, but if you take a second to think about the days, weeks, and months of pleasure before you, you will agree that all these measures are worth it.