Karly’s Getaway Part 3 - Garden Vibe Pleasures

by Karly

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Karly's voyeuristic pleasure turns into public masturbation...

Walking through the streets of Munich, I feel self-conscious, as if anyone looking at me can figure out my secret. I can't believe I'm doing this. Have I turned into a complete sex fiend?

It started last night while I was on the phone with Michael.

"I want you to go to the Englischer Garden tomorrow while you tour the city, Karly."

"Oh, I plan on it! I hear it's beautiful and bigger than Central Park back home. I can't wait to see it!"

"That's good to hear, baby, because I also want you to wear your purple vibe when you go."

I gulped. Just the other day, Michael told me there was an app to go with the vibrator, and that he needed me to download it. A few buttons pressed later, and he was sending a signal to my vibrator. Now I know this little vibe is named Vibease, a long distance remote control vibrator.

When he told me to wear it today to the park, I knew he had a plan. It was when he told me where to go in the park that I figured out he must be a sadist. And masochist that I am, I'm doing it.

You see, there's a section of the park where people are often nude, even in December, if the weather's nice. He plans to control the vibe through our phones while I watch nude men and women. It sounds so dirty which is probably why I'm turned on just thinking about it.


Oh! There they are. People of all forms, sizes, and heights. Fat people, old people, and some very beautiful bodies. Despite the excitement of knowing what is about to happen, I tremble with anticipation. Admittedly, I want to be naked with them, except, of course, then I couldn't hide the fact that I'm masturbating in public.

I hope no one notices my face turning red.

Are you ready, baby?

Finally, the text from Michael makes me catch my breath. This is really happening.

I think so.

I imagine his grin on the other end, sitting in his office in New York, signing documents, acting like he's handling business. Here I am, in the open, about to have my clit strummed and pulsed while I people watch.

Tell me what you see.

Thank goodness I'm a fast texter. I start sending messages of the different bodies. Saggy boobs, saggier balls, thick cocks, thin ones.

Then, right in the middle of texting, the vibrations start coming. He starts off soft and easy, but before long, it's a constant hum in between my thighs, and I forget all about the messages.

That woman, right there, I'd love to touch her nipples and press against her skin. I bet she feels soft and smells delicious. Oh God, I think I'm going to—

He stops the pulse. I breathe a little easier.

It starts again and I jump. I'm breathing harder. My breasts feel swollen and sensitive. I know my nipples are taut, poking through my shirt. Michael had said no bra for this trip, too.

Oh my, that woman's legs are spread. I can see her pussy, all pink and puffy. Does she see me?

Ahhhhh! I'm burning from the inside out. I clench my thighs together but all it does is force the vibe closer to my skin.

Meanwhile, Michael turns the vibrations up to its maximum intensity. I turn my head away from the nude strangers. Squeezing my eyes shut, I breathe through the orgasm exploding in my panties. My hips buck one time before I get control of myself. Every muscle not only twitch but tremble. I'm positive there's a wet spot in my pants. I'm breathing too hard, like I've been running.

My phone dings.

Call me.

Truly, Michael knows me so well. He used the exact right settings to get me off, and horny girl that I am, I loved every minute of it—and almost forgot about the nudists.