Karly’s Getaway Part 2 - Sweet Vibe From New York

by Karly

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Karly gets a call from New York and receives some hot vibrations...

I wasn't sure I was going to ever fall asleep last night. Paris was calling my name. Thankfully, Michael called me last night from New York. He said it was because he wanted to hear my sexy voice, but I think he just misses me.

Finally, the train is pulling into the station, and Paris is inches away. I'm ready to explore the city—eat something rich and decadent, drink wine with lunch, and whatever else tourists do.

And of course, I want to get ready for a very special date tonight. Michael promised to Skype with me tonight—at least that's what he said last night.

"I miss your face, you beautiful girl. And that pussy. Mmmm, and the sound you make when you come."

If that's not enough to get a girl excited, I’m not sure what is!

One cab ride later, and here I am at my hotel for the next four nights—Hotel Tiquetonne. After unpacking and getting settled in, I plan to walk this gorgeous neighbourhood.

What's that noise? My Skype notification is going off like crazy. What time is it?

Oh goodness! Is it 6:00 p.m. already? Michael said he'd call early because he has an afternoon meeting and then a reception to go to. Somehow I forgot. I settle back on the bed before accepting the call.

"Hey baby!"

"There's my beautiful girl! So how was the trip to Paris?"

"The journey wasn't that long, but I wanted to be here so bad, it felt like forever."

"Such an impatient girl."

I giggle. I can’t help it. He does that to me.

"Well, sweetheart, I don't have much time between my meetings, and my assistant is keeping everyone away so I can talk to you. Besides, you know what I want. Let me see your sweet curves and juicy pussy. Go on. Strip for me."

Although he's not in the room with me, I blush. It's another thing I can't help. And knowing the limited time we have in particular makes me flustered.

"Don't turn around. Let me see that wiggly ass. And get your new purple vibe for me. It's time I got to see it in action, too."

purple vibe

I unpack my bag and place it on the nightstand. The vibrations make me jump. I feel the tingles up my arm. I can only imagine what it's going to do to the rest of me.

"Press it against your clit. Hold it there, I’m going to send some nice buzz over."

The buzzing is especially intense.

"Arch your back, baby. Let me see your pussy. You’re already dripping wet, baby. I wish I was there to run my tongue down your slit and taste you."

Oh I love this little remote control vibe so much now!

"Mmmmm, Michael! I’m getting close!"

"Turn over, baby. Lay down. Keep it pressed against your clit and finger yourself for me. Let me hear how wet you are for me."

With my knees spread wide, I dive into my body. I should go slow, but the vibrations from Michael are making my toes curl and this little vibe is getting me close to the edge. I'm so wet my fingers make a squelching noise as I thrust them in and out against my G-spot.

At last, I squeeze my eyes shut. I’m. So. Close.

"Oh God, Michael! I'm going to come. Right... Oh God... Nooooooowwww!!"

"Mmmm, that was hot, baby. Before you go to sleep tonight, do that again, but think about me here in New York, stroking my shaft and coming for you, too."

He always knows exactly what to say.

"I gotta run, Karly. Be good and enjoy Paris for me, and always bring the vibe with you."

He's so good to me. In fact, now that I’ve had two good orgasms, I wouldn't mind finding more surprises while I'm in Paris.