The Mysterious Man Final – A Peculiar Night

by Karly

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A mysterious text leads to a peculiar night of fun... and orgasms.

I tried to chalk up the beautiful guy’s disappearing act as just a weird thing. He initiated everything. He gave me mind-blowing orgasms. But somewhere along the way, he chickened out. No, I wasn’t to blame. Obviously, I wasn't the problem—he was.

At least, that’s what I tried to tell myself.

Every night, I pulled out my purple vibe in attempt to find relief. My body ached for something more... specifically those chocolate brown eyes, firm hands, and that long, thick cock. However, my vibe was only able to scratched that temporary itch.

It was one of those restless nights where even self-induced orgasms couldn't put me to sleep, when suddenly my phone dinged.

“Hey. Remember me?”

Wait, what?

The message was accompanied with a picture. A picture of him.

“How did you get this number?”

“I asked our mutual friends who you were. Told them I had to leave before I could ask for your digits personally.”

“Did you mention that you were too busy fucking with me to get my number? If you’d only asked, I’d have given it to you.”

I was pissed and simultaneously turned on. Who did this guy think he was?

“Yeah, well, that part didn’t come up. Look, I’m really sorry I bailed. Can I make it up to you? Dinner?”

I wanted to stay mad. I really did... even though he hadn’t made me any promises. In fact, he was a total mystery. And of course, I like mysteries.

I made him wait a few minutes for my response.

“Yeah, we can do that.”

We made plans to meet at a charming little bistro the following night. Nothing too fancy, but charming. And close to my apartment. If things worked out well, getting back to my place would be easy. If it didn’t, well, at least it wouldn't be a long journey back.

As I prepared for the night, I got it into my head to wear my little vibe. We texted all day, and I mentioned it to him. That it was my go-to toy for body-rocking orgasms. Surprisingly, he has actually heard of it and had used it before! I was most certainly looking forward to finding out what else he knew.

I made it to the bistro a few minutes early and grabbed a table. My nerves were getting the best of me but a glass of wine always helped.

Soon, I was on my second glass and getting impatient. Just as I was about to send him a less-than-courteous message, I almost jumped out of my chair.

My vibe was buzzing. Ohhh, that felt good.

I hit send anyway.

His response?

“You feeling good and warmed up yet?”

He had to be close! I swivelled around, craning my neck to find him. No luck. However, the vibrations increased.

With my hand over my mouth and my eyes shut, I came as quietly as I could—which only made everything more intense. When the server asked if I needed anything.

“Check, please,” I squeaked.

“Did you like that one? Should I get the waiter to come back?”

His message meant that he was here and watching me, but where?

“Where are you? Why the tease?”

“Head back to your apartment and find out.”

I wasn’t going to ask how he knew where I lived. I had a hunch my friends were the reason. But somehow, I wasn’t too worried.


Thankfully, the walk back was quick, even though I was twitchy and on edge. That first orgasm was such a tease.

Opening my front door, I instantly caught the obvious scent of man. Cologne, spice, and something else... sex. I moaned a little.

A quiet shuffling sound of feet made me look up. There he was, standing in my doorway, in all his naked glory. That big, beautiful cock was on display and it was definitely twitching this time.

Just as I took a step toward him, the vibe went off again. He had set the vibe on a pulse setting. My body began to tremble with need. My clit was on fire. I didn’t care. I needed his cock in my mouth. Now.

And so, I had the pleasure of seeing his eyes widened in surprise as I fell to my knees in front of him and slid his cock between parted lips into my warm wet mouth... taking it as deep as I could. By the time he came, my own juices were leaking down my thighs.


The night was filled with hours or sex and orgasms. I rode him like I well like a good cowgirl should, while he spanked my ass and pulled my hair.

When I woke up the following morning, he was already gone. I was disappointed, but not surprised. He didn't strike me as the type to stay around for long. Maybe one day our paths will cross, and I’ll get to taste his sweet and salty cum again.