Sex Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

by Karly

Long distance sex. Can it work? Check out these sex ideas for your long distance relationships.

Many couples experience periods of separation for various reasons. No matter what the reason for the separation, when couples spend time physically apart from one another, it can take a toll on the relationship. One big factor is the lack of physical intimacy. We’re going to look at long distance relationships and ways you can keep the spark alive between you even when you can’t be physically close. Yes, it is possible to have long distance sex with your partner when you can’t be in the same place together.

Are You In A Long Distancing Relationship?

A long distance relationship is an intimate relationship between partners who are separated from one another in different parts of the country or in different parts of the world. This can apply to relationships where couples live in two different states or two different countries.  Couples in this type of relationship lack physical closeness and face-to-face contact which makes it hard to maintain.

The lack of physical proximity may make relationships difficult but does not mean they don’t work. You can make a long distance relationship work but it does require a lot of effort and creativity on your part to keep things interesting. Celebrity couples who have been together for 10 years or more are often separated due to filming schedules in different time zones. How do they do it? They have come up with little habits to keep their love alive during the times they can’t be together.

Celebrity Couples In Long Distance Relationships

One example of such a relationship is that of Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin. They have been together for 10 years and are expecting their first baby together. Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick have lived apart on occasions when their filming schedules were conflicting. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are another celebrity couple that makes their long distance relationship work. Although they share a home in Brooklyn, NY, both of them have commitments in other places.

When asked how they manage being apart so long, each couple had their own ways of maintaining closeness such as texting daily, talking for hours on the phone about whatever is going on that day, video calls by Skype whenever possible, and just trying to spend time together whenever they can. A couple of them said they have a two-week rule - they have to meet up at least once every two weeks wherever they are. Now, that might not be possible for everyone and every circumstance, but as you can see there are people making it work out for them.

The Untold Truth About Long Distancing Relationships

We all have low points, or bad days, and look to our partner to provide encouragement and reassurance. That is normal, and part of the give and take of loving relationships.

Long distance relationships are particularly interesting because of the twist that geographical separation inevitably gives to a romantic relationship. Who decides to undertake a situation like this? Students going away to study at different schools, couples in the military separated by deployment, and couples who are living together when one of them gets a job in a far away location are just a few scenarios that may come up that make long distance relationships a viable option.

Due to the lack of physical intimacy in a relationship like this, the distance can make people more and more insecure. The longer it goes on the more squabbles and petty jealousy can become the norm. We all feel insecure in our relationships sometimes.

Physical intimacy fosters closeness, love, and affection between couples. If two people create a strong bond they are better able to handle the pressures of temporary separations.

Long distances put relationships to the test. It’s hard to come up with things to keep the relationship fresh and fun when you cannot physically share the same space. Intimacy is a normal part of any relationship (even a long distance relationship) and is just as important as building trust with one another and is vital for any relationship to survive.

So how can you maintain intimacy over long distances? You have to get a bit creative and challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone a little. If you’ve never had a relationship with someone far away it might feel a little overwhelming, but don’t worry. There are things you can do to keep the spark going on in your relationship despite the number of miles between you. You just need a few ideas for making long distance sex a reality for you and your partner.

8 Sex Ideas To Stay Sexually In-Sync With Your Partner

While being close physically to someone you're dating is preferred, you can still experience sexual satisfaction without being right next to each other. Just because you can’t sleep in the same bed right now (for whatever reason) does not mean you take the relationship any less seriously.

You’re attracted to each other, you have feelings for each other, and you have sexual needs to fulfill. The only difference is that you can’t be in the same room due to circumstances. Ok, so you compromise. You create special things between the two of you to maintain your relationship until you can be physically present with each other. When it comes to long distance sex, people have to get a bit more creative.

Here are a few suggestions for keeping the fire burning from a distance:

#1: Try Long Distance Sexting

Long distance sexting is a tool that many couples use to keep the heat going in a relationship. Remember the key is to keep things as normal as possible. Send your mate a sexy love note on their phone. Tell them how much you want to put your arms around them, hug, kiss, and whatever else you feel like doing at that moment.

Here’s a new way to play “telephone.” You can also send your partner a sexy voice message. You can record 15 to 30 seconds of the hottest dirty talk you can come up with. Try a little roleplay if your partner is up for it. Pretend to be someone else or their favorite character. Just make sure you check the phone number before you hit “send.”

LDR Sexting

The distance may be a temporary thing but you’re strengthening your relationship with regular communication and filling the need for intimacy as well. If you’re worried about someone seeing your phone messages you can use a texting app like What’s App. If someone asks to use your phone at work you might not want him or her seeing your private communications.

#2: Share Your Fantasies

Since you have the time to talk about whatever you want, why not share your sexual fantasies? Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? A certain position, dressing up in costumes, or using sex toys on each other?

Take turns telling each other about your secret fantasies and be as descriptive as possible so you can both really get into it. Try some roleplay with each of you acting out the other person’s fantasy.

 Intimacy is getting to know the other person better than you know yourself. Knowing what they like, dislike, and the things that are important to them will bring you closer and create a strong bond.

#3: Engage In Mutual Masturbation

Thanks to the invention of the telephone, it’s the next best thing to being there. Phone sex can be just as hot as the real thing. It may seem like an idea from the 80s but it still works just as good as it did then. Set the mood with music, lingerie, and your favorite sex toy.

If you have a vibrating toy you can turn it on and put the phone down close to it so your partner can hear it buzzing away and you thoroughly enjoy it. There are apps that let your partner control your vibrator with their phone. Let your partner control your vibrator by Internet and Bluetooth for some really engaging fun.

Vibease LDR
#4: Read Erotic Stories To Each Other

There is a lot of good erotica out there and you can find books, audiobooks, and more that you can share as part of your special time together. You can each lay in bed and take turns reading parts of the story. If you’re a little shy about reading aloud don’t worry. A little embarrassment in the beginning is to be expected, but if you just laugh it off and continue you’ll get over your shyness in no time.

Reading sexy stories to get each other all hot and bothered is a lot of fun. Writing your own erotic stories is as much fun to write, as they are to read. Let your imagination run wild creating stories and scenarios you can act out when you meet next time.

#5: Create Your Own Porn Videos

You can create your own naughty videos from your smartphone. It is not uncommon for couples to send dirty videos to each other from their phones. You can record yourself in a bubble bath or taking a long, hot shower. If you are shy about being naked on video you can film your videos in a dark room and rely mostly on sound. This creates an air of mystery since your partner can’t see what is going on but can only hear the sounds being produced. That is what makes ASMR so popular. Try it sometime.

Regarding privacy issues when recording video, be sure to avoid capturing any faces or identifiable features in the video.

#6: Send An Erotic Gift

Depending on where your partner is, and the circumstances around your separation, you can be a little daring and send them an erotic gift. This may not be a good idea if someone else will get the mail before they do (like in military service, or if they are staying with relatives, etc.) so exercise good judgment. You can mail your partner a pair of your panties perfumed with your scent, or buy them a sex toy to be used when you have your phone sessions. Guys like gifts like these too.

#7: Watch Porn Together

After having conversations about what each other likes you should try to pick an erotic movie to watch together. Set up your webcam so you can watch the other person while watching the movie. Take turns discussing what is going on in the scene with your partner or just sit back and enjoy the action. You can make “rules” like no touching self until the movie is over. Or you have to keep one hand visible at all times. Depending on how long you’ll be apart, you could make this a regular thing like a date night. Keep it in rotation to keep things from getting boring or monotonous.

#8: Play A Sex Game

Pick up “LoveHoney Oh!” the kinky confession card game. This is a fun spin on the Truth or Dare type games. In this game you take turns asking your partner one of 52 sexy 'Would You Rather' questions, they have to answer or opt for the forfeit. Buy two decks and send them one to ask you questions from. Or you can try the Talk Dirty Playing Card version. This is great for those who may not be as experienced at dirty talk. It gives you a phrase and then tells you how to use it or put it into practice.

There are other games like these where you can role-play, tell stories, or how about an old-fashioned game of strip poker. Whoever wins gets all the goodies!

Bonus Tips

  • Assign each other sex tasks. Come up with some specific tasks for your partner to do and vice versa. Some things include masturbating at specific times (like at 4 pm just as they’re getting off work), using a certain toy that you both enjoy, or some other type of challenge that they must do or forfeit.
  •  Create a sex bucket list on what you want to do when you see each other. Take turns writing down some things you want to do and some that your partner would like to do. Discuss how you will accomplish it in detail. It’s a great way to build up anticipation of the final event.  

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a level of intimacy is important in every relationship, particularly long distance relationships. When there isn’t enough intimacy the relationship can go stale with one or both parties growing farther apart. It is possible to have a long distance sex and relationships by being creative and keeping the spark alive until you can be in the same physical space.

Love notes, daily phone calls, and video chats are a few ways that couples can maintain their relationship even when they are miles apart. Making a relationship work over long distances requires putting in the effort to stay connected and making intimacy a priority.

To make a relationship work over long distances, you need to make plans to do things together when the separation is over. You need to have a goal of doing these things when you can be together again. Make plans so you both have something to look forward to in the immediate future. Stay connected and keep the lines of communication open, and keep intimacy and romance alive by being playful and creative in the special times you share.