Having friends who have a heated pool is a major perk. Of course, having friends who live in one of the nicest developments in the city helps, too. They’ve kept me busy and distracted since the break with Michael and the weird hook up at the club. And yes, they’re the kinds of friends I can confess weird hook ups to.

Finding myself in a gold bikini, sitting by a heated pool, with a very strong drink in my hand is something I could get used to. That particular night was supposed to be a night to check out all the beautiful bodies and just relax, but then it happened.

“Hey there, beautiful.”

I looked over the rim of my glass at him. Was this a line? Was I going to have to put my bitch face on?

Holy shit, he was beautiful. Not handsome. Not a hunk. Beautiful. Jet black hair, swept away from his face. His lashes were just as dark and longer than my own. They framed chocolate brown eyes that made several parts of me drool. His lips were full and kissable. I could imagine nibbling on him for hours.

And that was before I looked down. Hard abs. Long legs. And I could see the outline of his cock through his shorts. Did it just twitch? The smirk he gave me told me everything.

Wait, oh god, he was the guy I met at the sex club last week! What a fate!

He knew I was checking him out, and he was enjoying it.

“Uh, hey there.”

“Wanna go for a swim?”

What I wanted to do was strip him naked but a dip in warm water and an excuse to see his shorts plastered to his body was a good second choice.

The lights were dim, and I’d had a couple of drinks. That’s my excuse. Well, that and he was freaking gorgeous and hung. Anyway, that’s how I justified the next part to myself.

The next part? Oh, you mean when he pressed my back into the side of the jacuzzi and kissed my neck? His hands were everywhere under the water. Covering my ass, stroking my stomach and sides. When he dipped inside my bikini bottoms, I almost screamed with pleasure. His quick thinking and scorching hot kiss saved us from being completely discovered.


He worked my clit and dipped into my pussy, all while nibbling my lips and sucking on my tongue. I clung to his neck while I came hard. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt that long, thick cock pressing into me.

“Want to go somewhere a little less obvious for this?”

Oh yeah, please. Take me somewhere so I could ride him like a fucking stallion.

Dripping wet, wrapped in towels, we made it up to the rooftop. It was a little more private. The corners were darker, and anyone else up here was doing what we were. I heard more than a few breathy moans.

He laid me back against a soft chaise. Pulling the towel away, he blazed a trail of hot kisses down my throat and over my collarbone. He pushed my top out of the way, exposing my breasts to the evening air. My nipples were already tight and sensitive, but with one touch, I nearly exploded.

He chuckled, like he knew exactly what he’d done to me.

As he worked his way down my body, I spread my legs, eager for him to show me how much he wanted me. Instead, he pushed my bottoms to the side and slipped two fingers deep in my pussy. Oh yesssss. He knew the perfect spot to hit.


His thumb pressed into my clit, making slow circles, as he hooked his fingers and found my g-spot. My back arched. I grabbed his arms. My skin became flushed and warm. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, every muscle spasmed and I came in a long, drawn out gush over his hands.

He grinned. As soon as he saw me looking at him, he licked my juices off his hand.

“Wait here. I need to get something.”

I was a sloppy mess and wasn’t going anywhere. Waiting wasn’t a problem. Except, a few minutes turned into 20 minutes. I got worried and went downstairs, wondering if he’d been held up. Get this. The bastard was gone.

He played with me, got me hot and bothered, and vanished. Worst of all? I don’t even know his name.