The Perfect Gift of Orgasms on Women’s Day

by Karly

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. How am I supposed to be choose between the hot pink bullet, the purple butterfly, or...what is this? A 12-inch real-looking penis??” I heard her annoyed muttering before I saw her. She looked a little lost and confused. I still remember my first trip to the toy store. The heat of embarrassment and arousal nearly singed my skin, and I hoped the floor would swallow me up. I felt bad for her. “Miss? Do you need any help?” I could have told Tom, the floor clerk, not to bother. When you’re relatively new to this, the last thing you want is help. "Uh...n-no, I’m good.” She was practically whispering. Her stress was starting to stress me out. Tom’s good, though. He backed off. I gave him a wink as he walked by, as if to say, “What can you do about the newbies?” I couldn’t leave her like that, though. Women need to stick together, especially when it comes to sex. Inching towards her, I smiled in what I hoped was a friendly, comforting way. No need to come across as the weird chick in the sex store. “Hey there! Feeling a little overwhelmed? It’s not every day you decide to choose one of a thousand sex toys, and none of them look like anything found in nature.” She chuckled. Okay, good start. I hadn’t scared her off. Something about me must have relaxed her because the words just poured out of her. “I thought it would be a good idea to get my mom a gift for Women’s Day, and since she confessed to me that she hasn’t had an orgasm in over 20 years, I thought this would be a good idea. Maybe we could talk, and she might have a good experience with it. But I always buy my toys online, and I’ve never been in a store like this. This is scary and embarrassing, all at the same time! I’m Christina, by the way.” I nodded. Christina. I liked her name. “The first time in here is a little daunting. Wow, I think it’s really cool that you’d do this for your mom. My mom isn’t the type to talk about sex with me, but she knows I always have more than one partner at a time and seems cool with it. I’ve never thought of getting her a toy. I’m impressed.” I must have said the right thing because her shoulders relaxed a little and her smile widened. That’s when I noticed how cute she was - blonde, small boobs and waist with plenty of hips. Her eyes were amazing - emerald green. I kind of wanted to take Christina home with me, but I wanted to help her more. live-girls “If your mom is new-ish to orgasms, she needs something that’s not overwhelming and that doesn’t necessarily look like a sex toy. Am I right?” She nodded. I think she was relieved someone was taking over for her. “Okay, well, the bullets you’re looking at are a good start. I’d definitely stay away from anything that looks like a giant dick. Maybe that can be next year’s gift.” We laughed together. “Have you considered this?” I pointed out the Vibease line. “They come in pretty colors. They don’t look like an obvious penis. I’ve played with them before, and the vibrations aren’t scary at all, but the orgasms were so good.” She ended up buying the hot pink toy for her mom and the purple one for herself. Christina and I have a date to try out hers this weekend. I wonder who will enjoy it more? Her or her mom. Women’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate women and our sexuality. I’d say that was the perfect gift, and Christina gave me a good idea. I hope my mom likes what I picked out for her this year too. Happy Women's Day and let's all women celebrate with a big O! If you’d like to purchase the Vibease, you can get a 10% off coupon using the code WOMENS2016.