Happy couple in shocking smile

This is no joke! Sex up and perk up from head to toe, literally!

Oh so good! Who doesn’t love sex? Sex is a beautiful thing that you should not resist. Many studies concluded that one should maintain active and healthy sex intercourse to reap the many surprising benefits from it. Ideally daily but advisable to do it minimally once or twice a week. As a result, one would be able to enjoy the sex perks both psychologically and physically in the long run. Read on.


Frequent sex turbocharges your brainpower. It makes the brain work better and smarter. It keeps the brain sharp particularly in older people. Sex helps to grow more brain neurons in hippocampus (memory making area), according to scientists from University of Maryland. And your analytical and concrete thinking get enhanced too.

Sex is a perfect stress reliever too. When you hug and touch your partner, the brain releases the “love” hormone Oxytocin. This hormone promotes love, warm and trust feeling thus boosting our happiness. It gets intensified during intimate sexual foreplay and arousal phase. Sex also releases another feel-good hormone, Serotonin – the “happy” hormone, touted as body’s antidepressant that can soothe the stress and lift your mood. These are the reasons why all smile, relax and on cloud nine after sex.

Potentially, you would live longer. You sex more and often surrounded by all the feel-good hormones that make you live happily without much stress. In turn, lower stress level only means lower blood pressure.

Love making also ease your headache or migraine. Endorphins is being released that helps to reduce sensitivity to pain. 48% of regular headache sufferers actually amped up sex to cure their pain, effect seems much faster than painkillers, according to a recent study. It also explains why you can enjoy sexual activities without pain and fully indulge in the pleasure.

Sex promotes good sleep. Your body releases prolactin hormone after orgasm, which promotes relaxation and sleepiness. You thus feel good and sleep tight. No more insomnia. And you feel good the next day.


Sex can help to minimize risk of ear infection. Common cold, flu or other types of respiratory infections is one of the contributors to infection in middle ear that connects to upper respiratory tract via Eustachian tube. Germs in the nose or sinus cavities can climb up the Eustachian tube and causes infection. Frequent sex would increase Immunoglobulin A (IgA) antibody to minimize colds and flus.

Making love can also help in early detection of any hearing problem. As one of the powerful erogenous zones in the body, you may gently rub, pull, nibble, lick or kiss your partner’s ears. Also talking filth, soft whispering, verbalize your fantasies, giggling, moaning, exhale hot breath to your partner’s ears can all help to amplify the sexy factor. If there is ear pain or fluids flowing out, or has difficulty hearing the whisper, one may need to see a doctor soon.


Sex is one of the good ways to test your eyes. Sex relaxes body muscles including eye muscles too. Studies have shown that our pupils unconsciously dilate wider than normal when we are interested in something or someone. One with larger pupils are often viewed as most attractive and more romantically appealing by opposite gender, particularly by men. Your blink rate decrease and gaze time increase. Your eyes feel relaxed. As such, the eyes perform at their true ability, rather than straining and squinting as they would normally. So, it’s worth to go for eye test if your sight goes blurry after sex, said Dr Arun Ghosh from Spire Liverpool Hospital.

Intimate foreplay
Staring. Kissing. Sensual touching etc. Foreplay is critical.


Frequent sex raises your antibody – Immunoglobulin A (IgA) level, which is your 1st line of defense, boosting your immune system and protecting you from colds and flus. It clears nasal passages and relieve a stuffy nose. Sex is like a natural antihistamine – effective and natural!

Sex also heighten your sense of smell. After climax, Prolactin hormone release surges, causing brain’s stem cells to grow new neurons in olfactory bulb (smell center). As such, your sense of smell is boosted.


Kissing keeps your facial muscles strong. Researchers mentioned that 30 muscles are being used while kissing (especially deep kissing) and the smooching helps keep your cheeks, neck and jawline tight. During foreplay or sexual intercourse, you kiss gently on various fleshy body parts of your partner, there is simply no limit to where to kiss. You exercise the mouth and get a facelift!

Kissing also minimize cavities because a smooch causes fluids flowing and that includes saliva in the mouth. It washes away the plaque on the teeth that leads to cavities.

Kissing relaxes you before and after sex. It is the elixir you need to feel great, relax and revitalize due to the releases of all the feel-good hormones. It is critical in maintaining relationship intimacy as well as in foreplay.

Some findings mentioned about oral sex drawing more blood into the mouth area making lips fuller and vivid natural color. And swallowing semen that full of beneficial chemicals can prevent breast cancer growth.


You looked younger, radiant, and vital with those hormones (estrogen and testosterone) released during sex. Dr David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, mentioned that older women and men who maintained active love life looked 5 – 7 years younger than their actual age based on his extensive 10 years study.

Frequent sex reduces signs of aging, especially helpful for post-menopausal women. The increased Estrogen hormone will pump out your skin by smoothing out those unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. Nightly sex is the most ideal but even if 2-3 times a week would suffice to reap the anti-aging effect.

You enjoy glowing skin. During sex, oxygen around the body surges and blood vessels dilate. These increasing blood flow and nutrients to the skin pushes newer skin cells to the surface and let our skin glows better.



Frequent sex reduces heart attack risk. Love making 3 times a week can halve the risk of heart attack or stroke, based on one study at Queen’s University Belfast. Sex also releases Endorphins that neutralise the stress hormones in the body that are linked to heart disease.

Your accelerated heart rate during sex keeps the estrogen and testosterone levels in balance and reduce the development of many health issues. The imbalanced hormones can potentially lead to sexual dysfunction, fatigue, depression, sleep disorder, chronic illnesses etc.


Sex can help in early detection of breast cancer too. Breasts is one of the nerve-rich erogenous tissues so your partner would touch and massage your breasts and nipples pre or post sexual intercourse. At this stage, women’s breast size can swell 20%-25% larger. And nipple, like clitoris, can induce the very much desirable orgasm too. Click the link to read more. In the event of any extreme pain or lump noticed during the play, one can visit the doctor soon to confirm.


Vigorous sex helps in burning calories too! It is considered as moderate intensity exercise and 30-minute of it burns up to 100 calories. We shouldn’t replace gym sessions with sex but it would certainly be one of the great ways to get some extra physical activity even at home!

This full body workout can even help you to maintain flexibility and balance as well. Human’s mind is so creative that you have many sex positions to spice up your sex life. Different position trains and strengthen different body muscles well. As such, your lean muscles can better stretch and flex reducing muscle tension and injury.

Strengthen Muscles
Muscles strengthening.


Regular sex fortify bones and reduce Osteoporosis risk.  Estrogen and testosterone levels in the body increased during sex. These hormones are essential for your bone health and to reduce Osteoporosis – disease that weakens bones, in both women (especially post-menopausal) and men.


Sex reduces finger problems. Keeping your fingers clean, agile and flexible is important to both foreplay and sexual intercourse. Giving a sexual and sensual touch to your partner by gently and smoothly running your fingers along the collarbone and neck would increase the sexual pleasure to both parties. You apply varying plays and speeds to your fingers during the process and that would help to avoid finger numb and finger ergonomic problem (may due to long hours of mouse clicking or screen swiping).


More sex would improve women’s bladder control and reduce incontinence. Regular good sex means great workout for women’s pelvic floor. When you climax, it causes constant muscles contractions thus strengthening them. It is as if you are doing Kegel exercise to achieve the same effect; but rather more fun! Strong pelvic reduce urine leakage and avoid incontinence especially for those post pregnancy women who delivered natural birth.

Sex helps to increase vaginal lubrication naturally and improve elasticity. Dryness in vagina can be an irritation that hinders daily life enjoyment. Some studies found that vaginal stimulation can reduce chronic pain in back and leg, arthritic pain, and reduce menstrual cramps.

Active sex also help to balance women’s hormones and regulate periods. Hormones are essential to all cells in your body in ensuring overall health. Hormonal balance can boost chances of conceiving baby too alongside regular menstrual cycle that ease the baby planning.


Frequent sex reduces the prostate cancer risk in men. The risk would reduce greatly if they ejaculate frequently, at least 21 times a month based on one study in Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that.

Furthermore, you will have stronger and more sperms. That is because frequent ejaculations would improve the semen volume and quality for fertilization.

Make more loves and it makes your penis look bigger. The more intensity you exerted during regular sex would made you a little bit slimmer and fitter, and reducing the amount of fat accumulate in your body. Also, researchers at the University of Exeter discovered that increased sexual activity results in notable anatomical changes for the male reproductive organ. The more sex you have, the bigger your penis will become. It happened in minibeast like beetle but human research is yet to be confirmed.

Couple foreplay
Spice up your sex life with different sex postures besides toning different body parts.


Frequent sexual intercourse does not enlarge but tone your buttocks. Remember, it is a whole body cardio workout. Just combine some specific sex positions, it would tone and shape your buttock muscles into a sexy attractive bum in no time!

More sex plays indirectly bolster locomotion skills too. Strong bum muscles are responsible for smooth functioning of all your locomotion skills essential to perform daily routines. These include walking, climbing stairs, jumping, running, standing still etc.


Frequent love making increases strength of limbs too! Whilst spicing up your sex life with various sex postures, some targeted positions do help to keep your hands and legs lean and flexible. For example: standing is a position that improve your physical strength and stamina by using your legs to wrap around your partner etc. And obviously many postures do involve your limbs so you have plenty of chances to work them out.


Sex supports strong toes too. When sex is oh-my-god too good, you curl your toes in agreement! Toe-curling orgasm? Yes, you heard it. During orgasm, most of the muscles contract and thus causes your toes to flex back. Some said that there seems to be link between vagina and toes, which causes women to reflexively curl when reaches climax. Whatever it is, some men do curl their toes too when climax or throughout the event.

Don’t you have toes play during foreplay too, like rubbing your toes along your partner’s feet, calves or inner thighs under the table or on the bed? All these little work out certainly help.


Intimate Relationship
Keep intimate relationship warm. Always look each other into their eyes.

Many studies had found that sexual wellness strengthen your overall wellbeing. They are intuitively linked and positive sexuality impacts greatly in your general wellness.

Regular sex let people feel more confident about their bodies, bolstering self-esteem, based on participant feedback on a survey done by University of Texas. Furthermore, your self-understanding, self-awareness, self-love, self-admiration grow stronger and you feel so sexy.

Having sex regularly improves your libido. Your body releases more pheromones with higher sexual activity thus enhancing your attractiveness to the opposite gender. In short, the more sex you practice, your sex drive grows stronger.

Sex leads you to a happier life. Pack with love and passion, sex plays a crucial role in your intimate relationship. You bond better, stay closer and warmer thanks to all the good hormones in your body.

If I would to sum it up simply, sex is the best prescription to most of the health problems! Be sex positive, practice safe sex, and keep it fun. More importantly KEEP IT REGULAR to help maximize the benefits. Don’t be naïve to ignore this surefire strategy to great health. Take sex right away and unleash your sexual pleasure today!