Vibease Erotic Audiobook (Erotica) Survey 2019

by Vibease

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New survey infographic sheds light on the benefits of audio erotica.

This year, a new survey conducted by Vibease, pioneer of the world’s first wearable SMART vibrator reveals fascinating insights on erotic audiobooks. Erotic audiobooks are a relatively new sex trend with limited information on its impact on sex. The online survey of over 1,000 global adult respondents seeks to understand benefits of erotic audiobooks. That is, in relation to masturbation and sexual fantasies among both individuals and couples.

In its key findings presented in the form of an infographic, 90% of respondents admit they fantasise during masturbation. 81% feel that erotic audiobooks enhance their masturbation experience. 65% believe listening to erotic audio stories with their partner helps them better understand their partner’s sexual preference, turn-ons and fantasies.

“Sexual fantasies are a natural part of being human and an essential part of our sexual repertoire. Many think that they are a sign of sexual deprivation or dissatisfaction, but the complete opposite is the case and we know today that sexual fantasies are associated with a healthy and happy sex life,”

—  Dr. Andrea Burri, sex & relationship counsellor and researcher
at Institute for Sex Counselling and Sexual Sciences (ISCSS)

Erotic Audiobook & Porn For Women

Dr Andrea Burri

 “An erotic audiobook coupled and synchronised with a vibrator (such as Vibease) adds a whole new dimension to a woman’s autoerotic sex life. The woman gets the dual benefit of being able to specifically guide the stimulation to the area that is most arousing to her by simultaneously allowing a certain degree of surprise. This combination is likely to create a whole different level of arousal and feeling of ecstasy.”  

Dr. Burri believes this is especially helpful for women having troubles in experiencing orgasm and letting go.

“I see many ways in which Vibease can help foster and improve a couples’ sex life,” she adds.

Dema Tio, co-founder of Vibease, also mentions, “Whether it’s solo play or partner play, Vibease hopes to make fantasy come to life through the unique erotic audiobook pairing with our wearable SMART vibrators. We want our users to fully enjoy an immersive hands-free experience.”

Closing The Pleasure Gap

Vibease is intrinsically designed with female sexuality and wellness in mind. It is created with the notion of empowering women and closing the pleasure gap with innovation. This includes a wonderfully curated and comprehensive library of audiobooks waiting to usher users away into an exciting world of erotic fantasy.

In fact, fantasies are natural and positive elements of a woman's sexuality. Multiple studies and research have shown that fantasies provide mental and emotional stimulations. These are major factors of women’s sexual pleasure and satisfaction. They have also found that women’s fantasies tend to be less graphic, more emotional, and intimate than men's. 

Vibease’s vision is to bring fantasy to life though a multi-sensory experience—self-pleasure does not need to be solely imaginative anymore. Users will get to enjoy every second of the journey all the way up until the exciting intense "conclusion"—a truly new and exciting experience!

vibease erotic audiobook survey infographic erotica sex stories fantasy lady porn women
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