Amrath Hotel Amsterdam

Michael’s plane landed this morning, and we checked into the Grand Hotel Amrath in Amsterdam this afternoon. I’d like to say we’ve toured Amsterdam already, or at least eaten dinner.

We’ve been naked since we got into the hotel room. Michael didn’t even wait for the bellhop to leave. His hand was under my skirt and in my panties while he handed the man his tip. He was good looking. If he’d shown more interest, Michael might have invited him to stay.

The moment he left, Michael had me bent over the bed with my skirt up over my back. It was a raw and rough. He must have missed me. We fell into bed, naked and sweaty, licking and sucking every part of each other.

Best holiday present. Ever!

Now, even though it’s so late, and I still smell like sex, we’re riding down the streets in the back of a long, sleek black car. Michael says he has a surprise for me, a way to celebrate the holidays and start our week together off right.

Considering my purple Vibease is nestled in my panties, I can only imagine what he has in mind. He already told me we’re going to the Red Light District.


Oh goodness, and here we are.

“Take my hand, Karly, and don’t stray far. Oh, and before I forget.”

He hits a few buttons on his phone, and I’m instantly on fire.

“Would you look at that?”

He’s pointing to a half-naked woman in a window. Round ass, long legs. She’s gyrating against the window, beckoning to us. The fire in my body makes me want to go up there, find out if she can scratch this itch.

My nipples are tight. Michael bends down and suck on one through the thin fabric of my dress. When he bites down a little, I almost come right then and there.

“Not yet, baby. There’s more to see before you get that orgasm.”

He waves at the car to stay parked, and we start walking. He’s pointing out all the prostitutes, nearly naked, thrusting their hips forward, playing with their nipples. My mouth waters, and I know my panties are wet.

He won’t increase the vibrations. I’m ready to hump his leg or let him finger me right here in the street. Anything for an orgasm.

I whimper and he smirks, before pointing out another window. I lean in close while we both look up. I can’t help myself, my hips move against his leg. It’s actually happening. I’m rubbing myself off in public.

“If you can make yourself come like that, go for it, baby.”

I’m dying over here, but it feels so good. I haven’t stopped. It’s like dirty dancing but without music.

“Oh! I think she likes you!”

Sexy woman watching

He points to a window where a thick, curvy dark-skinned woman watches and grins. She slips her fingers between her legs and starts rubbing herself. Something about her getting off watching me get off is more than I can handle.

I grab onto Michael’s shoulders, bury my face in his arm, and rub my pussy against his leg until I cry out a little. My body shudders as waves of pleasure streak through my body like lightning. He wraps his arm around me, pulling me close.

“That was a good start. Now, let’s go see if she can help us finish the evening right.”

Before I know it, he leads me into the door just below her window. This really is going to be the best holiday ever.