Vibrators: Good or bad for relationships?

by Vibease

Couple has fun under blanket
The missus has presented her shiny new vibrator to you and you’re not quite sure of what to make of it. Do you see it as a fiend that might potentially replace you? Or a helpful friend in the bedroom? So many questions that need answers! Before you start doubting yourself, read on! “I’m not sure how I feel about that.” Exploring new things can always be fun but also really intimidating. But keep an open mind, try everything once or even twice before making any judgements. You’ll never know, you might enjoy it too! “Oh yes! I’m so glad we tried this!” Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Talk to your partner Communication is always helpful in relationships. The fact that she has taken the initiative to share her new toy with you means that she is open to you and possibly wants your involvement too. The vibrator could have been squirrelled it away into the depths of her lingerie drawer without your knowledge! Talk to your partner about your uncertainty and preferences. Your partner will appreciate that you’ve voiced out your concerns. Try: “I would like to watch you use your new vibrator for the first time.” Her pleasure is your pleasure Having them Os is like the TLC she gets from a massage or a facial. And yes, I mean kind she gets at the spa. Orgasms compares to a beauty regiment, improving blood circulation and helping her to look younger too! Some girly alone time to polish the pearl allows ladies to explore their sexuality; teaching her how to love herself, be comfortable in her own skin and what makes her toes curl. This takes practice and patience since ladies might take up to 20 minutes to climax. And it’s a mean feat when some women don’t even know where their own clitoris is. Give her some time. The more comfortable she is with herself, the more it will translate into having sex with you. Did you know: Only 25% of women consistently experience orgasms during intercourse and 5% of ladies never experienced orgasm before. Getting creative in the bedroom Let’s face it; there are just so many sex positions that are anatomically possible. The Bridge? The Torrid Tug of War? On top of the tangle of limbs, fingers and tongues tire eventually. And while you might be dutifully stimulating her G-spot, her C-spot might get neglected. BTW Ladies have 4 erogenous spots but no pressure! ;) Many ladies never reach orgasms from intercourse alone. Get some leverage with a vibrator during foreplay or during intercourse, creating different sensations for your partner and help her climax quicker. Try: If you have orgasm before she does, help her along with hers with the vibrator. Draw the line Vibrators can help in sexual wellness, switching things up in the bedroom, facilitating long distance intimacy AND shouldn’t intimidate you. If you’re concerned that your partner might purchase more toys in the future, suggest external vibrators, nothing phallic in nature or a couple’s vibrator. Try: Vibease; join in her fun with its chat and remote control functions

Rest assured honey, if you and her vibrator fell into the sea, that vibrator will be pushing its waterproofing limits on the seafloor.