Can you be?

by Karly

Loving couple on swing

Love bonding and intimacy? Yes you can have the best of both worlds.

A special poetry dedication to World Sexual Health Day 2017! ??? This is an annual celebration started in 2010 on every Sept 4th, to promote a greater social awareness on sexual health across the globe. This year, they are promoting the emotional aspect of intimacy which is bonding. Please enjoy the poems and share it with friends, who is currently in love or still searching for love. It doesn't matter... :)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Day in day out Strolling hand in hand at places that we like Rejoicing Spring flowers blossom in the parks Sunset viewing on many Summer evenings Swinging and scuffing through piles of Autumn falling leaves Christmas decorating, sipping ginger tea cuddling warmly enjoying cold snowy days Together, we transform these norms into extraordinary moments Can you be my companion, caring for me through my life? You respect and love me for who I am and the way I am Lending a listening ear for all I have to say Opening up your heart and leads me closer to you I share my dreams with you and so are you Together, we plan and strive towards our mutual goals in life You sort out our differences with much patience and maturity My little naughtiness are often forgiven by your magnanimous heart Your light-hearted jokes and playful tricks brighten up my many days Together, we weather the storms in our lives like two real tough cookies Can you be my confidant, keeping me positive through my adventures? Staring into your twinkling eyes takes my breath away, feeling you peering into my soul Your affectionate kisses are addictive Your soft whisper is music to my ears, keeping my heart warm I always have fondness in your nice sexy smell My sorrows often vanish with your strong and comforting hug Your soothing massage takes away my aches, mentally and physically Patting my back boosts my confidence to conquer all the hurdles with courage Running your fingers gently down my body touching me sensually fuel my desire You please me the way I can hardly resist and bring me in a state of euphoria Together, every moment we spend bolsters our closeness Can you be my lover, showering me with relentless love? Your soft spot for compassion is my admiration You often read my minds even when I am silent You calm me down when I am in despair You shed some light so I wouldn’t be a lost soul You challenge me when I got arrogant and egoistic at times My dull world morphs into a bright colorful one with your rainbow Thank you, for firmly and silently standing by me through all my ups and downs You creep into my heart, tear down my protective walls, and light up my fire Yes, baby, make it ferocious and everlasting Trust grows unnoticeably stronger as days go by, likewise the love that we share Our connection grows deeper and powerful Lucky and deeply grateful that I met you Simply, I love you more than I can say I want to be there for you and my very soul demands you Can you be my soulmate, forever holding that special place in my heart? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~