Women Sexual Fantasies - are these familiar to you?

by Karly

Woman sexual fantasy

Sexual fantasies are ways to explore your desires and share what turns you on with your partner. Trying out a fantasy makes for exciting and new kinds of sex. Sometimes your fingers on your body and a quick sexy picture in your head are all you need to get off. Sexual fantasies aren’t just common, they’re often sexually satisfying, too. Well, experiencing sexual fantasies is one of the best moment in life, arguably true.

What types of fantasies do women have? Everyone is unique, but here are 15 of the most common sexual desires women fantasise about.

1. Domination Fantasy

Domination is about control, whether you give it up willingly or have it taken away. Some people imagine being pinned down to the floor or bed or up against a wall and kissed aggressively. Others picture kneeling in front of their partner, doing whatever they command. When you find a partner willing to dominate you, you may be surprised at how your fantasies evolve and change over time.

2. Rape Fantasy

Rape fantasies are more common than you realize. Using it as sexual fodder does not mean you want to be raped or that you’re asking for it in real life. In these fantasies, you may imagine being sexually ravaged and taken advantage by a dangerous person. For some people, they imagine surrendering and obeying, while others gets off on resisting and fighting back. Some people make this fantasy a reality with a consensual non-consent scene. This isn’t for everyone and should be done with a partner you trust completely.

[caption id="attachment_8564" align="aligncenter" width="640"]15 Most Popular Female Sexual Fantasies_Rape_Fantasy Tied up and sexually ravaged in rape fantasy.[/caption]

3. Fetish Fantasy

Because there are so many fetishes and kinks out there, no two fetish fantasies will ever be exactly alike. It’s one of the most diverse fantasies because it can also be incorporated into any other fantasy. Maybe you’re dreaming of being tied to the bed and tortured in the most pleasurable way. You might want to be bound with rope or endure a whipping. Whatever kinky thing turns you on, you can imagine it while you masturbate or try it out with a willing partner. But if you do, take it slow and be safe.

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4. Prostitution Fantasy

A prostitution fantasy goes beyond wanting to have multiple partners. In this fantasy you not only have sex with different men, you’re having sex for money and are at their beck and call. Every client or customer offers a different experience and wants something different from you. This can be an empowering fantasy for some people or closer to a domination fantasy for others.

5. Threesomes or Group Sex Fantasy

For many people, being able to enjoy sex with multiple partners can only happen in their imagination. In this fantasy, you can be adored and pleasured by two men, two women, one of each, or even more people. Feel free to imagine everyone who’s ever turned you on or every sexy movie star you lust after - all worshipping your body at the same time.

[caption id="attachment_8534" align="aligncenter" width="640"]15 Most Popular Female Sexual Fantasies_Group_Sex_Fantasy The more the merrier in group sex?[/caption]

[mks_highlight color="#ffff00"] 6. Anonymous Sex Fantasy [/mks_highlight]

Anonymous sex happens all the time, but for many people it’s a sexual fantasy playing in their mind. You can hook up with a total stranger and never exchange names. It’s a one night stand or a chance encounter in a public space. Your partner is a total mystery but they know how to drive you wild and satisfy your every craving. The parting is painful because you know you’ll never fuck them again...except, you can, as often as you like, in your own head.

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[mks_highlight color="#ffff00"] 7. Roleplay Fantasy [/mks_highlight]

A roleplay fantasy comes directly from your imagination. It usually involves some level of power exchange: teacher and student, cop and robber, bad girl and stern partner, etc. It’s also a fantasy that lets you dress up, if you choose, and pretend to be someone else. If you’re interested in exploring a roleplay with your partner, the outfit or costume can help you get into “character” so that you have a more authentic experience.

[mks_highlight color="#ffff00"] 8. Pain and Masochistic Fantasy [/mks_highlight]

Did you see 50 Shades of Grey and think, “I wouldn’t mind being in a red room with Christian Grey”? If the idea of pain makes you hot, your imagination and reality can both have fun. Spankings for fun or because you’re a “bad girl” can sting your ass. Being flogged while you’re bound and blindfolded adds more kink and control to the entire scene. For some people, imagining pain is enough, and for others, they need to experience the fantasy to really enjoy it.

[caption id="attachment_8554" align="aligncenter" width="640"]15 Most Popular Female Sexual Fantasies_Pain_and_Masochistic_Fantasy No pain no gain for masochistic delight?[/caption]

[mks_highlight color="#ffff00"] 9. Cougar Fantasy [/mks_highlight]

Love the idea of fucking an innocent look young man? Want to enjoy an attractive and energetic partner with plenty of stamina? An older woman with a younger male partner is a hot fantasy and a fun reality for many women. You not only get the benefit of their youth and exuberance, but you can also teach them about how to please you. That it can boost the ego and show that you’re able to seduce someone so young and attractive is a bonus.

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[mks_highlight color="#ffff00"] 10. Public Sex Fantasy [/mks_highlight]

The thrill of public sex, as a fantasy or reality, is the threat of getting caught. You have to be discreet even as your adrenaline pumps. It’s the ultimate rebellion against society, fucking in a place where “nice” people don’t. Public bathrooms, airplanes, libraries, buses, subways -- it’s all fair game for some sexy fun in public, as long as you don’t get caught.

[mks_highlight color="#ffff00"] 11. Office Affair Fantasy [/mks_highlight]

Ever had a hot coworker or boss that you couldn’t stop thinking about? Imagine working late or taking a private meeting. Offering to assist your hot boss with “Whatever you need.” Secret rendezvous in the elevator or a locked closet. Whether you can only imagine it or it’s your reality, an office affair is a turn on because it’s also another one of those things you’re not “supposed to do.”

[caption id="attachment_8544" align="aligncenter" width="640"]15 Most Popular Female Sexual Fantasies_Office_Affair_Fantasy Seductive flirt and love making in the workplace.[/caption]

[mks_highlight color="#ffff00"] 12. FemDom / Dominatrix Fantasy [/mks_highlight]

Does the idea of being in charge in the bedroom turn you on? Do you want to make your partner beg and then deny him pleasure? Whether you imagine being in latex and carrying a whip or you just like the idea of all the control, the female dominant fantasy can be intoxicating. In some fantasies, you’re the heartless bitch who makes it hurt. In others, you provide pleasure in a kinky way and make him beg for more.

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[mks_highlight color="#ffff00"] 13. Stripper Fantasy [/mks_highlight]

If pole dancing and thumping music turn you on, you might enjoy a stripper fantasy. In it you can wear sexy clothes and dance for the pleasure of men while giving lap dances and making him want you. You can show off your gorgeous body and be adored by an audience. In your fantasy, it’s up to you if he can look but not touch or if you let him do what he wants after you drive him wild.

[mks_highlight color="#ffff00"] 14. Uniform Fantasy [/mks_highlight]

If a man in a uniform gets you completely hot, you’re not alone. Cops, firemen, pilots, military service members, even the UPS guy are all fodder for secret fantasies. Not only do they look good in the uniform, you’re positive they’ll look good out of it, too. You can’t wait to have sex with your muscular, handsome hunk - with or without the uniform.

[caption id="attachment_8574" align="aligncenter" width="640"]15 Most Popular Female Sexual Fantasies_Uniform_Fantasy Irresistible men in uniform.[/caption]

[mks_highlight color="#ffff00"] 15. Forbidden Fantasy [/mks_highlight]

When we say “forbidden” fantasies, we mean people you’re not supposed to have sex with. This could be a relative, your friend’s father, someone else’s partner, or a teacher. They’re off-limits for plenty of good reasons but you still want them. The more you’re reminded you can’t touch them, the more attractive they become. The good news is that you can fuck them all you want in your head.

Sexual fantasies can live in your head and make your next craze extra hot. Sometimes, though, a willing partner can help you bring your secret desires to life. No matter what your fantasy is, it’s a natural and normal part of your sexuality. Let it be something you enjoy in your most intimate moments -- alone or with someone else. Don't forget [CLICK TO TWEET] to share it with friends or leave comment below. Let your sexual fantasies run wild!

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