You, Me, Technology

by Vibease

Tin can phone
Whether you are a technophobe or an early adopter, the advancement of technology has inevitably crept up upon us and like it or not, our dependence on it deepens to the point of no return. We have put so much of our lives in the hands of automation, God forbid that technology should ever fail. Computers slowly rendering manpower obsolete, mobile phones permanently glued to our hands and the answers to the world are no longer found by flipping through encyclopaedias but with a few practiced taps on a search engine. Gone are the times where a map and compass were needed to find the way and the act of writing and sending letters have become an obscure hobby. As we honed the skill of putting our thumbs to good use, our sense of direction has withered away with our letter writing creativity.
“Darling, I am empty every moment I spend apart from you. May we rendezvous at our usual?” versus “miss u bae. c u tmr.”
You get the idea. And admit it, you’re guilty. From transportation to construction to communication, it is the convenience that has us addicted. Our diminishing attention spans have us on our toes, eager to get our hands on the latest gadgets; “What’s next? I want the next best thing!” cravinglike drug addicts and raving like lunatics. On the flip side, our productivity has increased tenfold. Things our ancestors took weeks on end to accomplish, takes us predecessors less than half the time and effort with the help of machinery. The World Wide Web has provided all forms of information and entertainment; aiding in our education, connecting us with our interests, made shopping a whole lot easier and bring people closer together. In the past, we have imagined a metropolitan future with flying cars, hover boards, and teleportation devices. Other than interactive watches (those spy watches though), who could have fathomed the possibilities that inventions could change the way we connect with other human beings? Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Tinder, accessible with a tap of a button touchscreen, has satisfied the need to connect and more. And who would have thought that technology could help keep a long distance couple stay intimate? This concept opens up so many possibilities that it’s mind-boggling yet so fascinating. Technology fulfilling not only instant gratification but sexual intimacy too? Is this the next best thing?