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Womanizer 2Go Clitoral Suction - White Satin

$169  $119
With the Pleasure Air-Technology, the clitoris is smoothly sucked in by the device and then stimulated by pulsating pressure waves without contact. This provides a new, lustful experience, which is crowned by violent orgasms. The Womanzier 2GO is an Orgasm on the Go. The fresh new design which replicates a lipstick is even smaller and easier to hold. The Perfect discreet solution for when you GO out.

Key Features

  • NEW: In discreet lipstick design; Cap for more protection and hygiene
  • 98% of Women Reached ORGASM in LESS THAN 5 Mins
  • Battery life up to 2 hours. Charging time of a completely discharged product: 60 min
  • Material: ABS Silicone, phthalate free
  • 100% Waterproof - IPX7
  • 6 Intensity levels. Contactless stimulation of the clitoris
  • Silent Mode 42 dB
Reviews (3)

Wow - just WOW! Five out of five!

Reviewed by Jane
"About five minutes into my exploration, all of a sudden I made contact in just the right place and sealed that head right around my clit. Thank goodness I had done a bit of meandering on the way in and taken my time because I went from feeling good to full on orgasm in just over a minute.

If you have tried other Womanizer products with the Pleasure Air Techonology then you need to try the Womanizer 2Go. If you haven't tried a Womanizer product, well what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on any more orgasms!"

The Womanizer 2Go just looks amazing

Reviewed by Emmeline Peaches
"The Womanizer 2Go is rechargeable, wonderfully easy to clean, and meets IPX7 regulations for being waterproof (meaning you can use it in the shower or bath if you wish).

This is a product of exceptional quality, capable of producing some very strong and intense vibrations. It’s appearance if more palatable (if to your tastes), its slanted suction tip a dream for angled use, and its different heads capable of providing different sensations."

Womanizer 2Go Review

Reviewed by missjezebella
"The silicone tip felt really nice against my clit and the suction felt absolutely incredible. It’s difficult to describe exactly how the womanizer toys feel. Its kind of a mix between the feeling of a partner sucking on your clit during oral sex and a good deep vibrations. The womanizer 2 go soon brought me to a vocal and very satisfying orgasm, no extra tricks required.

If you have a womanizer that you love and you would like a smaller one for travel the womanizer 2 go is perfect for you. If you would like a discreet, lower cost but still high quality womanizer, this is also for you. I think the womanizer 2 go is likely to become the a toy I grab often during sex, as well as being my new travel buddy."

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