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Are You Okay?

Are you ok? I think about you a lot you know and I think , I think about how sometimes it's like you've got the world's problems on your shoulders you sort of , sometimes you look as if there's stuff on your mind and you can't really, you can't really share it with anyone and you sort of bottle it all up and then it starts affecting your life really and its not like you because you're often full of energy and you know you just get through each day and I can always tell when there is something on your mind because you've got that sort of vacant look sometimes and it saddens me to be honest because I know if I ask you what's up you're not going to tell me. You'll probably say 'oh, it's ok, it's I was just thinking about something' or you know it's 'no I'm fine' you know but you don't have to bottle it up...
male voice affirmation caring asmr

Love Letters

Words beginning with L expressed in a loving context. I hope you enjoy them x

Hot Oil Tantric

A long awaited tantric massage for you with hot oil and loving tactility touches against your body. Hope you enjoy xx
massage male voice

Kitty Examination

So if you just sit on the side of my bed you'll notice a towel that I've laid down on top of the duvet cover. I think the best way to approach this is if you just lie down on that towel, that's right, just lie down and I think, I mean, would you prefer to be blindfolded? Because then I can describe it to you in greater detail what I'm about to do to you.
male voice oral

Goodbye Mr Insomnia

Listen you need to seriously tell him to leave you alone he shouldn't be interfering with your sleep like this. I mean I can only do so much and I've told him that I don't want him hurting my girl anymore and to stay as far away from you as possible. Whilst I'm here I'll make sure he can't hurt you but don't let him play with your mind like that and mess about with your head so you can't sleep. I want to try to help you get to sleep tonight I know we've talked about it before but your insomnia runs really deep and the best way we can tackle it is to spend the night together, just cuddle up and I can nurse and cradle you to sleep...
male voice romantic asmr

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