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I am British, from Manchester, and in late middle age. Sex, making love, or whatever you call it has been my favourite passtime for many years.

Audiobooks by GigoloGreg

Passionate fun on the First Date

Met my girlfriend on the first date and I knew she is the one. We had a wonderful time together! Check it out!
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A Loving Sister

My sister was married to a brutal man. Friends and family encouraged her to leave him, but she stayed for the sake of the children. When they were grown up, she left him. When she arrived in distress at my home, I found out how much she loved me.
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A Stranger on An Island

I met you on holiday on a tiny island in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. The sound of the waves is magic. The breeze is cooling, but you are still very warm, lying on your back, looking up at the canopy of palm leaves. You let your knees fall wide apart, letting the cooling air blow under your dress. Let's get the fun going...

A Stranger on a Train

You are going by train from the South West of England to Manchester, sitting several seats from a middle-aged businessman, wearing a suit... Have a glass of champagne, your face and neck become a little flushed and you feel a little giddy. May I be personal? I ask...

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