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I've been writing erotica for several years now, mostly with a Dominant/submissive theme, and have published an erotic-romance novel as well as two collections of my shorter erotic fiction. You can find more of my writing here:


I also occasionally train female submissives online. If interested, see below:
You are an intelligent, independent woman... but you fantasize about being controlled by a complete stranger. Being used for his pleasure. Having to perform humiliating tasks for his entertainment. Obeying him in all ways and begging him to punish you for your slightest mistake. I'm a WM in my early 50's. If you're looking for someone to explore your submission fantasies with online I am experienced and patient. First-timers are welcome--feel free to ask any questions you may have.

You do not need to be drop-dead gorgeous or have a perfect body but I do ask that you be in reasonably good physical condition--I'm sorry, but no big girls please.
If what you find in my stories appeals to you please feel free to contact me via the link above.

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Marcia, thinking she's about to be fired, attempts to embezzle company funds, but...

Bedtime Story for My Pet #3: Punishment

A number of listeners to the first two of my interactive 'Bedtime Story for My Pet' audios have requested that my pet be punished for something this time around. So if you enjoy following the instructions as they're given, you might want to have a belt handy.

Bedtime Story for My Pet #2: Spread Your Cheeks for Me, Pet

This is the second audio created for a pet of mine who lived far away. Again, it's an interactive fantasy meant to allow the listener to imagine touching and being touched, and being told what to do and say. This set of instructions involves anal-play, among other things, so you might want to have some lubrication and an appropriate dildo or equivalent nearby.

Bedtime Story for My Pet #1: You are Mine

I originally created this audio for a submissive pet who lived far away, so she could lie in bed, hear my voice and imagine that I was there with her. In it I guided her through an interactive fantasy of touching and being touched and of being told what to do and say. She loved it and listened to it many, many times. I ran across it again recently and thought that maybe other submissive (or even non-submissive) women might enjoy it as well. Your feedback is welcome. --Zen
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Karen Dreams of Submission

Frustrated by her vanilla boyfriend, she fantasizes about being controlled and used.
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