Fantasy Audio Recording and Audiobooks Submission

Please follow the guidelines below for your recording submission

Call For Vibease Fantasy Audio Recording Submission

Thank you for reading the submission guidelines for Vibease Fantasy Audio Recording and allowing us to consider your work. Without your creativity, we wouldn't have an Vibease Fantasy market. To submit your short audio recording, please follow the guidelines below.

We understand you want to receive speedy news of acceptance. So we will do our best to reply quickly and personally to each inquiry and submission. But with high volume of submissions, it may take some time to reply. Moreover, we apologize for any delay.

Guidelines at a glance

  • Demographic Target: 18 and above
  • Recording Length: Minimum 5 minutes
  • Audio Format: mp3
  • Genre: Mainstream Erotica, Love, Romance. The story must depict consensual adults.
  • Copyrights: You have the rights and permissions for the audio works.
  • No unsolicited marketing:
  • Restrictions: Contents include or depiction of violence, rape, under 18 years old sex, incest, illegal sex, hate speech, or any other extreme themes will be rejected and removed. Contents that has any unsolicited marketing including Vibease discount code will be removed too. Multiple violations may result in immediate account closure.

How to Submit and Upload

Sign up your Vibease affiliate account via

Audiobook submission will be done through our affiliate portal.

Audio Recording Guidelines

These recommendations are intended to product the best possible audio recordings. A good audio recording dramatically improves the overall quality of the Vibease Fantasy.

  • Use a high-quality microphone, either a head-set microphone or a mounted directional microphone.
  • If a headset microphone is used, be sure that the transducer is at least 1 inch away from the face and slightly below the lower lip.
  • A standing microphone should be placed 9–15 inches directly in front of the speaker. This provides the best trade-off between clarity and risk of over-saturation.
  • The speaker should not be hold or wear the microphone. It should either be a head-set mic or be mounted on a stable structure in front of them. This reduces the likelihood that the microphone will move around during recording.
  • Minimize background noise. If you can notice the noise just standing and listening, it will be much worse on the recording. Making a sample recording and listening to it is a good way to discover the noise level.
  • Avoid recording in rooms that have a discernible 'echo'. This is especially important if the microphone placement cannot be optimal (i.e. if the microphones are distant from the speaker or speakers). Listening to a recording sample is a good way to see if the echo is a problem.
  • If the audio input to your recording device allows you to select the sampling rate, choose 16 KHz or higher. If it allows you to select the digital audio sample resolution, choose 16 bits or higher.
  • For a Free professional audio editor and recorder, you can download Audacity.


By submitting your recording, you are confirming that you have the rights, permissions and/or you own to the copyright to all materials used for the recording and granting usage of the work to Vibease. Vibease complies with DMCA takedown requests.

Vibease Fantasy Royalties

You are free to publish your fantasy on our Vibease Fantasy Market for a price, or making it free for all. Royaties is only applicable to chargeable Vibease Fantasy. The royalties is computed as below:

  • Vibease Credit is required to download chargeable Vibease Fantasy. Vibease Credit can be purchased through Vibease smartphone applications.
  • Royalties will be credited to your Vibease account upon downloading of a chargeable Vibease Fantasy.
  • Royalties is up to 60% of the value of the Vibease Credit used for downloading a Vibease Fantasy (After 30% deduction from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore).
  • The Vibease Credit is currently sold as:
    1. 10 Vibease Credits for $0.99 (Per credit value: $0.099)
    2. 25 Vibease Credits for $1.99 (Per crediti value: $0.0796)

This Royalty fee computation is not applicable to FREE fantasy listed on Vibease Fantasy Market.
Vibease has the right to turn free fantasy into a chargeable fantasy. The royalty fee computation will apply.

Thank You

Thank you for your interest in Vibease Fantasy. If you have further questions regarding the submission of Vibease Fantasy audio recording, please send us an email at We look forward to your audio recording and have them listed on our Fantasy Market.