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#10TypesOf_O: Type 4 - A-Spot (Erotica)

by Essemoh Teepee


Here we may begin exploring some things that could be new to some. The A-Spot is probably not what you think, we are going deep, very deep and for that you need to be aroused, yet relaxed and above all open and accepting. The A-Spot is described as being a ring of sensitive nerves that sit around the base of the Cervix, just where it emerges from the walls of your vagina. It takes a little know how and gentle persistence to reach with fingers and not really possible for you to try on your own. Gently stroking these nerves sends waves of aching pleasure through you and with all that is going on at the same time, a climax is most likely already on its way. Relax, lie back and listen as Essemoh takes you to a different place...

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After creating a technique in 2008 called Directed Erotic Visualisation©, and finding that both women and men were having hands free orgasms just listening to my words, I continued to develop the process to create even more pleasure. 11 million orgasms later... Find out more at

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