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Dark Shadows

by Anonymous Stranger

Lurking in the shadows I lie in wait for you to return, my animal instincts barely restrained. I pounce on you from behind, holding you helpless as I undress you and take what I want…

halloween male voice non-con rough

Study Break

by Anonymous Stranger

We're in a lecture hall, taking a really tedious class with this boring professor who just. Can't stop. Talking. It's been what... an hour? 30 minutes? 45 years? I don't even know. But what I know is that I want to get out of here and do... something else. Anything else. Then from the corner of my eye, I see you. You have the same expression on your face as I probably do. You're bored out of your mind. You sense me staring, and you catch my eye. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? After giving me a sly nod, you stand up and walk out of the lecture hall. Heck yeah. Let's kill time the BEST way possible. Let's have a small study break.

male voice public quickie

A Hot (Chocolate) Mess

by Anonymous Stranger

So yes, this actually happened, I dumped hot cocoa down my front this morning. But as I was cleaning up the mess I started to think about you helping me, and this is the little fantasy that emerged...

blowjob food male voice oral