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Praise Junkie (Erotica)

by BoyFromEngland


I think you're incredible. You are such an amazing human being. I think you must know it, I think you know of that sexiness you've got, I think it's incredible. That old cliché about stopping traffic, you'd not only stop the traffic but you'd melt the road I think, You are that hot. I think you are incredible, really love being with you. If I could be with you everyday I would, you're fantastic. You should share it with the rest of the world, honestly, give your secrets away and let everyone be like you. I think you're incredible, amazing, what a beautiful woman you are, wonderful, I can't get enough of you, your personality, your smile your eyes, just your being. Being around you I feel blessed and touched being around you...

male voice romance teasing bdsm rough


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