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Thrown To The Wolves (Erotica)

by doubledimpledoll


Script by u/TheTakenCatking. Synopsis: When the wolf tribe is nearby sacrifices are left out every evening until the tribe moves on. The longer this goes on, the bigger the sacrifices are. After a week goes by there is a rumor that the next sacrifice will be a person. Since this has never happened before you dismiss it as a rumor but later that day you’re cornered by men in dark robes that grab you. Your wrists are tied, and you’re forced to kneel before being dragged to the outskirts of this village. As the sun goes down you’re dragged farther and farther into the forest before you receive a swift blow to the side of your head. You wake up to find that the moon has replaced the sun, you can’t move and your head hurts. You hear howling in the distance and try to escape your bindings without success. Something emerges from the shadows, you can’t see what it is at first, but you know it’s there because of its glowing eyes. As it moves closer you see the moonlight reflecting against its grey skin and fur. All you can do is close your eyes and wait for death to finally claim you. After a few moments pass you hear a gentle voice that tries to comfort you. In the span of a few minutes you go from fearing the wolves to finding comfort in one who just wants to keep you safe. Enjoy responsibly, have fun and stay safe everyone! I love you, Doll. Copyright © 2021 DoubleDimpleDoll. All rights reserved. All characters portrayed are 18 years of age or older and all content is fantasy and roleplay, not intended to encourage or depict real sexual acts. All erotic audio found here is property of DoubleDimpleDoll. Not for resale or redistribution.

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