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A Sensual Journey, Message 2: On the Edge... (Erotica)

by frommrv


I will make you do filthy things to yourself and watch as you follow my orders. I will take you to the edge where pleasure and tension is violently intense and painful to hold inside. I will make you scream like no one have ever made you. But the thing you don't know is how it's going to end... Maybe I will leave you like that to watch as you struggle and suffer. To make you cry and beg for more. So you crave it more than to take another breath. Maybe I will watch as your muscles begin to tighten, your whole body shakes, and you lose yourself in the most overwhelming and breathtaking release in the world. But the thing that you should really wonder about is... will you last 'till the end? There is one thing you can be sure - I won't make it easy.

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