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Special Delivery (Erotica)

by Grace's Grove Audio


All I want to do is make it home to you on Valentine's Day! We are definitely going to celebrate when I get there and enjoy some shower time to get reacquainted. F4F Audio.

female voice


Feel the touch. This erotic audio vibrates in sync with the Vibease vibrator.

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Grace's Grove Audio

Grace is a U.S. based voice actor, writer, podcast host, and ASMRtist specializing in girlfriend experiences (GFE) for all. Her focus on intimacy and loving-kindness, as well as her husky bedroom voice, make her work stand out. Grace also loves to collaborate, experiment, and push boundaries. To bring sensual ASMR to more listeners, she has formed many relationships within the wider ASMR community and often collaborates with other ASMRtists. Her studio is full of different microphones, foley props, and other gadgets she uses to create unique audio experiences.

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