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Connection (Erotica)

by British Filth


For some people, they just want to find a way to get off. To take pleasure in another body as soon as the lust strikes. And that's totally fine. Pleasure is something I crave, too. But that's not all there is to if, for me. I think we do more than just that. And that sets us apart, I think. We have this... connection. This intimacy and sensuality that we can only achieve with each other. It makes every touch, every caress, every kiss better, more powerful, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Discover more at

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Feel the touch. This erotic audio vibrates in sync with the Vibease vibrator.

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British Filth

Vibease are currently hosting my audios without my permission. I have withdrawn from their affiliate agreement due to consistent non-payment of affiliate fees. Please do not purchase or download from this site. Contact me directly for access to audios:

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