Connect to the Vibease App

Get full features of Vibease Bluetooth vibrators with Vibease app.
Vibease app is fully compatible with both iPhone and Android phone.

Interactive Touch Pad

Try to drag the indicator below to see how the long distance remote control works.

Music Vibration

Play your favorite music while connected to Vibease vibrators. Feel the beat of the music through the music vibrations.

Custom Vibration

Create your own vibration with your preferred strength and pattern for the smart vibrator. You get unlimited vibration pattern!

Download the Vibease App

Get full features and bring your fantasy to life. Vibease incites all your senses, body and mind.

  • Custom Vibration Control
  • Listen to Erotic Audiobook
  • Interactive Touch Pad
  • Chat, Voice & Video Call
  • Vibrates in Sync with Audiobooks
  • Internet & Bluetooth Compatible