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Used Before Breakfast (Erotica)

by British Filth


"You've always told me you have a sleep fetish; to be taken and used while you slept, waking to a delicious breakfast. I've bided my time before acting on it, to pick the right moment and surprise you. This morning I'm awake before you, and as we snuggle and you dream, I can feel you rubbing against me, and how wet you are. The time is right...You're so beautiful when your asleep, I'm going crazy on your voluptuous body. I fantasize about you. I don't want you to awaken. And now that you're awake I can't hold it in anymore. Discover more at

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Feel the touch. This erotic audio vibrates in sync with the Vibease vibrator.

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British Filth


I create inclusive, body and sex-positive audios. They range from sweet, romantic experiences to rough, primal fantasies and they all aim to turn you on and leave you feeling good about yourself.

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